The Most ADORABLE Photo Of Khloé Kardashian And Niece Penelope Disick Has Emerged!


is SO sweet!!!

Khloé Kardashian recently posted one of the images in recent memory this past .

And it featured her kissing her delightful Disick.

It also featured Khloé showing off her brand new goldilocks with Penelope not doing too bad herself with her hair tied in a cute braid.

’s what the proud auntie wrote on Instagram:


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Watch This Adorable Pug Try And Lick Peanut Butter Off Of Its Nose! Top 10 Vines Of The Week HERE!

Kids, they’re so , aren’t they?

One minute they do things that make us laugh and the next thing you know, they’re throwing tantrums for no reason — we’re looking to you, North West. LOLz!

Kids and puppies make the best Vines, EVER!

Especially the hilarious unedited baby videos.

Ch-ch-check out our picks for the Top 10 of the (below)!!

10. OMG. What.

9. Well, is one way to try and get your friends to stop smoking…

8. This kid is so slick! The song just makes it even better.

7. What a travesty.

6. When you’re in denial about everything!

5. Crazy things can happen when you’re out celebrating Mardi Gras… even getting knocked out by beads!

4. When kids don’t get their way…

3. And this, is why we shouldn’t talk to strangers from afar!

2. When someone tells you there’s a little food on your mouth.

1. Marnie, at a thrift shop? This is freakin’ awesome!


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The Minions Are Ready For The Super Bowl… And For Streaking?!? Oh NO! Watch Adorable Ad HERE!

Did YOU know that the were big fans of football? No? Neither did we!

But apparently they are!

Why? that leads to them cheering for a team, drinking (and spilling!) a sticky drink, then whipping off their little blue overalls and going ! LOL!

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Which is exactly what they do in the Super Bowl ad for their upcoming spin-off movie starring Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, and a bunch of others!

Ch-ch-check out the HIGHlarious ad (above) and let us know if YOU’ll be seeing the Minion movie on July 10th, 2015!


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AWWW! Grab Some Tissues & Watch This Airman’s ADORABLE Rose-Filled Airport Proposal!

Awwwww! is seriously the sweetest ever!

Airman Aaron Vergara was coming home from not seeing his girlfriend in eight months and he decided that their reunion was the perfect time to propose to her!

So, he enlisted the help of of his fellow passengers on the flight from Hawaii to Miami to make the proposal the cutest one ever!

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Aaron had his helpers present his girlfriend with one rose each, representing the eight months they’d been apart and then he dropped to one knee and popped the question… to which she obviously said yes!

*Cue our ugly crying*

So freakin’ cute!! We love it! Congrats you two!

some and ch-ch-check out the adorable proposal (below)!!!


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Kim Kardashian Posts Adorable Flashback Friday Photo!

You’re right, Kim Kardashian! things never change!

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It’s the end of the work and you know what that means: photos!

Ever wondered what 6-year-old Kimmy would like in the same room as 30-year-old Kimmy!

Well, now you don’t have to find a way to bend the time-space continuum!

Kim posted a Flashback Friday doing just that on Twitter, along with caption:

“#FBF 6 year old keeks vs 30 year old keeks #SomeThingsNeverChange”

Just looks at keeks’ cheeks! ! Kim will never not be cute!

[Image via Twitter.]


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Adorable Dog Was Abandoned At A Train Station Because Of A Business Transaction Gone Wrong?!

This is just HORRIBLE!

Remember when we told you about the shar-pei crossbreed named Kai that was at a Scottish ? Well, the owner has come to claim her pup! Or rather to confess to leaving him!

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Fin Rayner explained that she and her 9-year-old daughter drove 200 miles from their home to buy the dog after they arranged online to meet the seller. However, this pup, who was really named Pluto, wasn’t the one they intended on buying. Well, she asked to take the dog for a walk anyway, and left the seller part of the deposit, but when she came back, the seller was with the money!

Then things got tough, Fin needed to take care of her asthmatic daughter, so she alerted the officials at the train station and took off!

She says she made sure the dog was safe before leaving.

,000 has already been donated for Kai to get eye surgery, and he’s still up for adoption at the Scottish SCPA.

Hopefully this story eventually has a happy ending!

[Image via Scottish SCPA.]


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