Josh Groban Talks His New Album, His New TOUR And… Battles Nick Lachey??

Did you know that Josh Groban is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Well he is, and guess what… he just dropped some amazing news while on Good Morning America

He’s got a new coming out April 28th, called Stages! We’re already sure it’s the best thing ever.

He also announced he’s going on !!

Josh is going to travel this wonderful nation, hitting “some really great old theaters around the country.”

He even premiered the music video for his track What I Did For Love – which you can watch HERE.

Then, once all of his exciting news was out, Josh was roped into battling Nick Lachey!

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It was a musical battle of wits, it was random as hell and we though it was hilarious!

Check out the videos (below) to hear all of Josh’s amazing announcements and then watch him battle !!


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Joan Rivers Posthumously Wins Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word Album

A more deserving winner couldn’t have been selected!

Joan Rivers may have passed away last year, but she’s still winning awards.

The comedienne won the Grammy for for Diary of a Mad Diva!

Her twelfth book’s recording out James Franco‘s Actors Anonymous, Jimmy Carter‘s A Call to Action, John WatersCarsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America, Elizabeth Warren‘s A Fighting Chance, and Gloria Gaynor‘s We Will Survive: True Stories of Encouragement, Inspiration and the Power of Song.

Many are missing Joan and her sharp sense of humor, so many should also be very pleased for the funny lady to be honored one more time.

Congrats, Joan!

[Image via WENN.]


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Jeff Bridges Records Sleeping Tapes, A New Album Meant To Help People Fall Asleep! Or Is It Actually Pure Nightmare Fuel??

Jeff Bridges wants to you go to sleep.

He certainly has the kind, calm, grandfatherly way about him that would help us nod off after a long day.

But he doesn’t plan to bring you a fuzzy blanket and a warm glass of milk…

He recorded an called Jeff Sleeping !

He worked with composer Keefus Ciancia, who scored True Detective and Nashville, to create his ambient tracks, which at times are even a guided meditation.

It’s a collection of music and ambient sounds that Bridges himself narrates over, all in an attempt to help you .

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Except there’s a small problem… some of the songs are honestly kinda terrifying.

One of them features his deep, gravely voice coming at you from all angles in different, demonic pitches, telling you to sleep.

Another features rain but with violent thunderclaps!!

This is not conducive to sleep.

Thankfully, he’s making the release one of those “pay whatever you think is fair” albums. Though the proceeds do go to the charity, No Kid Hungry.

So maybe spend a little bit… just go HERE and preview the whole album or download it!!

Then let us know how terrifying it is in the comments below!!

[Image via Squarespace.]


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Mark Ronson Reveals Newest Album Uptown Special Is Dedicated To Amy Winehouse!

Awww! We miss her!

has revealed that his will be to Amy Winehouse, sharing the news on Twitter.

’s what he wrote to her in a handwritten note:

“Although I wish you were still here, I’m always thinking of you, inspired by you and your music lives on in myself and everyone who ever felt it.”

Wow! Such heartfelt words!

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Besides Amy, the album is also dedicated to Teenie Hodges and DJ Mehdi.

Mark decided to post the handwritten dedication note after a decision was made to leave the dedication notes off the album.

But this isn’t the first time that Ronson has expressed such admiration for Amy.

Here’s what he previously said about Amy in a past interview:

“She came with so many of those songs written. All I had to do was really arrange them. And then Back to Black and Rehab were the two that she wrote when we were together in New York—and Back to Black, I played her the music and she wrote the song in, like, an hour. So, I wish I kind of remembered more. And I wish, obviously, that we had made more music.”

We think the whole world feels that way!

We lost a great talent when the Back in Black singer left the world, but we’re glad her memory will always be preserved by her talented friends as well as the legacy she left behind with her awesome music.

So sad and yet also so inspiring! We LOVE how Mark is paying tribute to this spectacular lady!

Check out the photo of the handwritten note up (above) !!!

[Image via Instagram & Image via WENN.]


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Lana Del Rey Is Almost Ready To Drop A Brand New Album! Get All Of The Honeymoon Details HERE!

There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with some new music, especially when that new music is coming from Lana Del Rey!

That’s right! It’s been less than a year since LDR gifted the world with her amazing , Ultraviolence! But it appears she’s wasting no time getting back to work and is to a new album!

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In a recent interview, talked a little bit about her album titled , and gave us a little hint at what we can expect:

“It’s very different from the last one [Ultraviolence] and similar to the first two, Born to Die and Paradise. I finished [Ultraviolence] in March and released it in June and I had a follow-up idea. It’s growing into something I really like. I’m kind of enjoying sinking into this more noirish feel for this one. It’s been good.”

Now that’s all fun and good, but the real question is WHEN DOES IT COME OUT?!?!

Unfortunately, Lana hasn’t hinted at any release dates just yet, but she DID reveal that she has already written NINE songs for Honeymoon, four of which are pretty much already done!

On top of that, she also revealed she’ll be doing a cover of Nina Simone‘s classic hit, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood!

Well we guess all we have left to do is to lock ourselves in a room with Ultravoilence on a nonstop loop until Honeymoon comes out!

We. Can’t. Wait!!!!


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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Is Officially The Best Selling Album Of 2014! Find Out What It BARELY Beat HERE!


Taylor Swift was on fire in the year 2014 and that was especially evident when her 1989 was crowned the biggest album of the year!

Was there ever any doubt?

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Actually, a bit!

the movie Frozen‘s soundtrack which had 3.52 million sales! But despite only being out since October 27, 1989 ended up selling 3.66 million!

But that wasn’t all of the accolades that Taylor received this year!

She also made some moves with her song Blank Space which was her longest running number one single on the Billboard charts EVER.

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She also became the only artist to have three million-selling weeks in 2014, the only female artist to replace herself as number one on the charts in Billboard history, AND the top selling act in the music business of all artists since 2000!

Now those are some great resume builders!

Way to go Taylor! We’ve always loved you and this is the proof why our love runs so deep!


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