Amanda Knox Announces Her Engagement While She Awaits An Appeal Verdict For Murder Charges

is engaged to musician Colin Sutherland.

The controversial Seattle native — who has been convicted twice for the of her British roommate Meredith Kercher — knew her fiancé since middle school, but didn’t start dating him until last year.

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She was previously linked to another Washington-based musician, James Terrano.

news is bittersweet for the couple as the 27-year-old journalist is set to hear the fate of her second as early as next month.

In January 2014, an Italian court reinstated her guilty and if the appeal doesn’t pass, she will spend 28 and a half years in prison.

Knox has already served four years before being acquitted on her first appeal in 2011.

She is currently working as an arts reporter for the West Seattle Herald.

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Amanda Bynes Returns To Twitter With THIS Extreme Closeup Selfie!

Amanda Bynes has returned to her tweeting throne.

After tweeting on Christmas of last year (it’s so weird that it’s 2015, right?), has come back to Twitter for the first time in the new year!

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Her first tweet of ’15? one-eyed !

The pic had no caption, but no caption needed! She looked AH-Mazing!

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Twitter.]


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Amanda Seyfried Eats Whatever The Hell She Wants!! Real Life Fitness Tips Right Here!

You can bet Amanda Seyfried is not going to say no to pumpkin pie this holiday season!

While many actresses in Hollywood feel pressure to adhere to rigid diets in order to stay thin, the 29-year-old actress goes against the grain by following her own food philosophy.

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Her mantra is:

“If I want to eat it, I’m going to eat it. is short.”

Damn straight, gurl!

However, the Ted 2 star acknowledges that life is all about balance. In order to eat the hell she , she exercises to keep her hot, sexy figure.

She dishes:

“I’m into ballet. Hot yoga, not Bikram. You sweat, you move and it’s really good for your limbs, joints and muscles.”

We applaud ’s HEALTHY attitude toward food and believe that she’s great role model for young girls out there!

[Image via WENN.]


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​EXCLUSIVE! Amanda Bynes Spotted At A Los Angeles Area Hotel Looking Happy & Healthy!

We love to hear !

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Amanda Bynes, and nearly a month since her last tweet, but we’re to report that the actress is looking and these days!

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Miz Bynes was by Allison Cortese, Mirranda Parks, Jacqui Cox, and Brooke Malone at the Glendale Hilton, just outside of Los , on Saturday morning. The ladies explained the encounter, saying:

“She was walking around outside on the grass and she wasn’t rude at all! She saw us taking pics of her and was friendly about it.”

Sounds like the sweet we’ve all grown up knowing and loving. The group added that they even came around a second time and was still very courteous with them as she chatted on her phone.

This all sounds like very good news, and we’re happy to hear it!

[Image via Allison Cortese.]


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EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Bynes’ Parents To Drop Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes’ are dropping their , sources tell exclusively.

Last week, ’s mom Lynn regained legal control of her daughter until early next year.

Despite her mom’s conservatorship, Amanda was released from her psychiatric hold, and made headlines wandering around Hollywood.

The sources add that Lynn and her husband Rick will move back to their Texas home.

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We’ve learned that Amanda is with their decision, and has improved communication with her parents.

More details to come.

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]


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Amanda Bynes Is Living Where?! Get An Update On Who She’s Staying With & How She’s Doing HERE!

Amanda Bynes has been wherever she can right now, as she’s currently pleading with her to give her money for a place of her own.

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Currently, the two have complete control of her assets, which are valued at around .7 million.

Meanwhile, has been off gift cards that her parents have been giving her, and is temporarily staying with three girls in West Hollywood, with one of them being her hairstylist.

According to sources, Amanda’s parents are “burned out” at the prospect of her moving back in with them. Apparently, they’re hurt at all the public anger she’s shown them, but they do understand it.

In response to the being reinstated, Amanda has been deleting some of the more incendiary tweets.


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