Brandi Glanville Apologizes For Her Real Housewives Fight… While Still Driving A Wedge Between Kim & Kyle Richards


In a very uncharacteristic move, Brandi Glanville actually apologized to Kim Richards for getting into a fight with Kyle on Monday’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

However, she did so by highlighting ’s ill-treatment of Kim, so we guess didn’t have a complete change of heart.

In the bonus scene that didn’t make it to air, Brandi tells Kim that she will protect her, to which the elder- sister responds that she wishes Kyle would do the same.

[ Video: Lisa Vanderpump Spills On The Kyle & Brandi Fight! ]

We’re a little torn on this whole fight. Brandi seems to genuinely want to help Kim, but it’s hard to gauge the situation when Bravo is being so vague with all the details about what’s actually going on!

Ch-ch-check out the sneak peek (below) & let us know in the comments who U think really has Kim’s back!!!


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Nancy Grace Talks To The Gone Girl Actress Whose Character She Inspired & Apologizes To Ben Affleck’s Penis!

She was not offended! In fact she was flattered!

Girl became one of the hottest films when it was released, and a lot of that had to do with how the director David Fincher showed the media fallout that happened *SPOILER* the “murder” of the lead character in Gillian Flynn‘s novel-turned-screenplay.

One of the people satirized in the film was Grace who was portrayed as a fictional character named Ellen Abbott played by Missi Pyle.

Well, the two recently got together, and they had a lot to talk about! And Nancy Grace was very happy with Missi’s portrayal of her!

Nancy Grace said:

“I was so proud and pleased that you were the one who played me…I loved the film…It’s too much for me to take in. I’m very flattered. I grew up on a red dirt road drinking water out of a well my grandfather dug. So the thought that someone would portray me or loosely base a character off me in a movie is than I can take in. Even though I get poked fun at, I don’t mind. I thought I had a favorite portrayal until I saw Gone Girl. That’s my new favorite. Of course, I loved Amy Poehler [on Saturday Night Live]. But there was a character loosely based on me on Boston Legal. The good thing about her is that she let me romance Captain Kirk, William Shatner. How could a girl turn that down?”

Missi subsequently calls Nancy a “badass” and an “amazing lady” before asking if the media portrayal in the film was accurate. Nancy Grace said:

“The answer to that is yes and no. I’ve seen the media camped out. And in the portrayal of me, I absolutely — and did so with Scott Peterson — comment on behavioral evidence. Of course, Peterson’s case was over the top because he was actually having the affair with Amber Frey after he had just killed his wife. In this case, Nick Dunne was a lot better off because we know that he’s innocent.”

Missi then asks if Nancy caught the part in the movie where Ben Affleck‘s “man part” is shown. And here’s where Nancy Grace apologizes to Ben’s “man part” for missing it! She said:

“I heard it made a turn in the movie. I’m assuming that was the shower scene. I’m sorry, I was too focused on the blood to notice Ben Affleck’s , so I apologize to the because I did not notice it. Has everyone in this country seen his but me? Am I the only one?”


We’re pretty sure everyone else was totally on the look out and saw what they came for, ha!

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No worries, Nancy Grace! When the film comes out on DVD you’ll be able to see Ben’s pee-pee up close and personal on your TV!

But seriously we love you, Nancy. You deserve a hundred portrayals in films for all that you’ve done in the world!

[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN & Image via Twentieth Century Fox.]


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Dave And Buster’s Tweets, Deletes, & Apologizes After Sending Out An Offensive Message On Twitter!

In this day and age, social media sites like Twitter are a great way to connect with friends, reach new audiences, and keep in touch with current events!

Unfortunately, it’s also a great way to say some seriously stupid and things!

Just ask and Buster’s, the restaurant/bar/arcade that sent out a in hopes to promote “Taco Tuesday!” Unfortunately, the came out as this:

Wow. Apparently racial stereotypes are A-OK in Dave and Buster’s book!

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It didn’t take long for the restaurant to get hit by the backlash of the offensive tweet, and they eventually deleted it and issued an apology, :

At least they said please, right??

It’s pretty mind-blowing that blunders like this seem to happen on a daily basis, and yet companies never seem to learn their lessons!

Maybe Dave and Buster’s should just stay off of for a bit!

[Image via Twitter.]


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Ed Sheeran Apologizes For Saying Miley Cyrus Had Stripper Moves!

Well this clears things up a bit!

Back when Miley Cyrus gave her provocative VMAs performance, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran said she was stripper.

Well, Mileybird didn’t take too kindly to that, and they’ve had a small beef since then.

[ Photos: Miley Cyrus' Celebrity Smilers And Haterz! ]

But recently sought to explain away all of their disagreements!

In an interview with the Sun, Ed said:

“I was a bit of a c*nt. I do feel bad about it as I’d be f*cking livid if someone said that about me. My general point was I wanted her to sing the songs so people could see what an amazing artist she is. I just worded it wrong. I said [something] along the lines of, ‘You’re voice is amazing, your songs are amazing, just stop twerking.’ I didn’t say it in the nicest way and I do genuinely love her music and think her voice is great. I don’t really know what to do. I’ll find a way to [apologize].”

That’s a MUCH better way to say what he was trying to say!

When in doubt, try to be as complimentary as possible… unless you’re aiming to possibly make someone mad. LOLz!

Hopefully Ed and can make up because they’d make an unstoppable duet!

[Image via WENN.]


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The New York Times Apologizes For The Insulting Article That Called Shonda Rhimes An ‘Angry Black Woman!’

Well, it’s about time.

In case you hadn’t heard, The New York ran an article written by critic Alessandra Stanley about TV producer Shonda that referenced her as “an ,” and also claimed that Viola Davis was “less classically beautiful” than lighter skinned actresses.

Yes, this happened in 2014, and yes it is completely unacceptable.

In response to all this, the newspaper’s public editor, Margaret Sullivan, posted an article about the backlash, which featured an apology:

“The article on the television producer Shonda Rhimes hadn’t yet appeared in Sunday’s paper, but the virtual world was ablaze in protest over it on Friday it was published online…There are some big questions here – about diversity, about editing procedures and about how The Times deals with stories about women and race. They are worth exploring in depth.

This is a preliminary post, and I’ll be adding to it later today, or posting again. But I’ll say this much: The readers and commentators are correct to protest this story. Intended to be in praise of Ms. Rhimes, it delivered that message in a condescending way that was – at best – astonishingly tone-deaf and out of touch.”

In addition, Margaret spoke to the culture editor, Danielle Mattoon, who had her own apology to offer:

“There was never any intent to offend anyone and I deeply regret that it did. Alessandra used a rhetorical device to begin her essay, and because the piece was so largely positive, we as editors weren’t sensitive enough to the language being used.”

Meanwhile the author of the incendiary piece, Alessandra, gave her own thoughts on the article she wrote, and the stereotype she so insensitively used:

“In the review, I referenced a painful and insidious stereotype solely in order to praise Ms. Rhimes and her shows for traveling so far from it. If making that connection the two offended people, I feel bad about that. But I think that a full reading allows for a different takeaway than the loudest critics took.

The same applies to your question about ‘less than classically beautiful.’ Viola Davis said it about herself in the NYT magazine, more bluntly.  I commended Ms. Rhimes for casting an who doesn’t conform to television’s narrow standards of beauty; I have said the same thing about Helen Mirren in ‘Prime Suspect.’

I didn’t think Times readers would take the opening sentence literally because I so often write arch, provocative ledes that are then undercut or mitigated by the paragraphs that follow…

Regrettably, this stereotype is too incendiary to raise even in arguing that Ms. Rhimes had killed it once and for all.”

Was this apology enough? We really hope The New York Times takes extra steps in the future to make sure that offense articles like this never happen again. They’re just not fit to print.


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US Airways Apologizes For Plane P*ssygate, But What They’re Doing To The Tweeting Employee Is Almost More Surprising Than The Tweet!

The US employee who accidentally tweeted a CAH-razy seXXX-rated picture from the company’s Twitter account on April 14th will not be fired…

And that’s according to US Airways spokesperson Matt Miller.

BTW if you haven’t seen the NSFW pic CLICK HERE!

The company revealed that the tweet was an “honest mistake” which resulted in a rouge post being included in a reply to a customer.

The spokesperson went on a bit in depth:

“It was done as part of the process to capture the tweet to flag it as inappropriate. Unfortunately, the link to the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer.”

The airline apologized on the social media site right after the incident, but no other information has been shared since!

Seems like a straight forward vajayjay mix up to us—but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any box shattering news that come to light!


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