Buffy Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested For The THIRD TIME In Less Than Six Months! Find Out The Details HERE!

Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice, shame on you. But fooling us three times is just way too much!

Former The Vampire Slayer Nicholas has been in A LOT of legal trouble in the past year, and it seems more legal problems are on the horizon for this 43 year old actor after he was on night for the third time since October!

Brendon was apparently arrested in Tallahassee, Florida for destroying his room at the Duval and subsequently charged with damage to property and criminal mischief.

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The incident happened before the pop culture convention ALT*Con took place which Brendon was supposed to attend over the weekend. And his last arrest also had him destroying a hotel room before a similar type of convention which all makes us believe this guy HATES hotel rooms especially when he’s got a convention to do!

The Buffy star was reportedly mixing alcohol with pills again as some hotel employees had observed that the actor had ten pills in a bottle earlier in the day and just one left at the time of his arrest!

And the bizarre part of this story is that Nicholas Brendon was the one who initially called the police because he couldn’t his wallet!

But when the fuzz showed up and saw how Brendon had flipped his bed and overflowed the toilet, they realized that Brendon was in a scary state of mind!

But at least they also discovered the missing wallet right on Brendon’s dresser! Without that, he may have had to have someone else pay for his bail!

We’re hopeful Nicholas Brendon can sort his life out soon. He’s clearly not on a good path at the moment.

[Image via Leon County Jail.]


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Heidi Montag’s Father Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse & Incest

Heidi Montag‘s , Bill Montag, has been for sex and with a 13-year-old girl.

According to authorities, the alleged abuse went on for years until the girl turned 17, and that the child was abused at least 50 times, according to the complaint.

The alleged abuse happened between 1993 and 1998, which doesn’t synch up with the victim being or her sister Holly.

The documents are pretty nauseatingly explicit in their allegations against Bill.

Sources close to Heidi and Spencer Pratt claim that the accuser “is determined to destroy the family,” and that she allegedly stalked the reality TV couple at multiple public appearances.

We’ll report more on this story as further emerge.


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Awful! Woman Arrested After Allegedly Drowning A Puppy In An Airport Toilet!

This sucks.

A from central Floriday was this past for one of her puppies in a in the bathroom of the Central Nebraska Regional Airport.

Cynthia Anderson apparently tried to sneak the , who was than three weeks old, onto an airplane in her luggage. When she was discovered by the TSA, who said she could not bring the pup on board, she was seen going into a bathroom with her dogs and the puppy in her carry-on bag.

The Doberman puppy was discovered fifteen minutes after the woman left the bathroom by a different person. The puppy had been drowned in one of the toilets.

’s what Grand Rapids Police Captain Dean Elliott said:

“They actually pulled the dog out of the bowl. They found water in the dog’s lungs which is indicative of the dog drowning. We believe she drowned the dog and tried to get back on the plane.”

The woman did NOT make her flight as she was soon arrested on charges of animal cruelty. Elliott said:

“I don’t know what her rush was to leave. All she had to do is say ‘Hey, I have to go, I can’t take care of the puppy, can you call the Humane Society?’ They would have taken possession of the dog. She chose other means and because of that she is in jail. Why someone would think that it is okay to drown a 2-week-old puppy and try to flush it, I just don’t know.”

The day before this awful incident the woman had tried and failed to board a plane with her two dogs and three puppies. The woman was able to give two of the puppies to her parents, but it is unclear why they didn’t take the one.

Those two puppies are now being cared for by the Humane Society who say they’re OK now after initially being a bit frightened.

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We’re glad those two pups are OK, but we feel devastated about what happened to the third Doberman puppy.

Hopefully the puppy didn’t suffer too much. And hopefully this woman is never allowed to own any animal ever again.

[Image via Hall County Jail.]


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Rapper Bobby Shmurda Arrested In New York City

The behind Hot Ni–a is now in hot water.

Ackquille Pollard, aka , was along with several others at a midtown Manhattan recording studio on Wednesday.

NYPD took the 20-year-old into custody after an investigation into narcotics and a shooting. Prosecutors will unseal the indictment against Shmurda on Thursday.

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Shmurda is a Brooklyn native known for Hot Ni–a and performing the “Schmoney Dance.”

The building where he was arrested — Quad Recording Studios — has ties to the rap community.

Back in 1994, Tupac Shakur was robbed and shot in the lobby five times. Although he survived that attack, he would die in 1996 at age 25 in a Las Vegas shooting.

Earlier this year, Shmurda was charged with felony criminal possession of a weapon but freed on ,000 bail.

[Image via Getty Images.]


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Father Arrested After Leaving His Children Alone In A Hotel To Go Pick Up Black Friday Shopping Wife!


A father named Toru Sakaguchi was this past in upstate New York and it was because he abandoned his to go up his who was !!!

The Town of Woodbury Police said they received a call from the Hampton Inn in Central Valley where a four-year-old boy had been found walking around the halls at 4am and was crying because his father was nowhere to be found.

When the staff went to the boy’s room they found an 11-year-old handicapped girl inside by herself. That is when they called the police, and also called the father to tell him to return immediately.

At 4:36 a.m. the father and his wife came back. The father said he had left at 3am and had to wait over an hour to pick up his wife who was shopping.

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However he was subsequently arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. He’s due back in court on December 10th.

Absolutely not cool on this guy’s part for his children totally and utterly alone without even letting the hotel staff know!

Hopefully this’ll teach him to never do that again!!!

[Image via WABC.]


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Tyga Arrested During A Music Video Shoot! But Why Was Kylie Jenner’s Rumored BF Put In Cuffs?!

Will be caged behind the bars of a cell soon?!

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a music , Tyga was in South Central LA.

Apparently, Kylie Jenner‘s beau had been driving around with some other guys in a Rolls Royce, when LAPD pulled him over.

Eventually Tyga was spotted up against a fence, surrounded by 6 cop cars and many, many police officers.

While it’s still not known why Tyga was cuffed, an eyewitness claims that he was pulled over for alleged reckless driving, and LAPD confirmed this.

We’ll be giving you more as this story develops.


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