Harry Styles Takes Some Time Away From His 1D Boys To Grab Some Dinner With His Mommy!!!

He’s a momma’s boy and he’s proud of it!!!

Harry Styles of One Direction fame recently a break from the world tour he’s been on to spend quality with his adoring mum Anne Cox. The two were spotted past Friday as they went out to together!

Awww!!! And they looked so cute together!!

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The two seemed to enjoy the time they shared with one another in the U.K. in Cheshire where the two went out for some drinks at the Knutsford Wine Bar.

There’s nothing like getting hammered with your folks and Harry seemed to be having the most delicious time with his beautiful momma!

And looking at Harry’s mum it’s easy to see where he got his good looks from!

And what about that suede bomber jacket that Harry is rocking here! We guess his mother passed on some good taste, too!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]


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8-Year-Old Uses Hilariously Profane Language In Voicemail To Newspaper Editor Who Took Away His Favorite Comics!

When publishing negotiations fell through at the Herald-Times in Indiana, we bet they expected backlash.

Their readers would be losing many of their !

But we bet they never expected to get an angry voicemail one foul-mouthed 8-year-old!

The voicemail, which was sent to the paper’s , starts off normal enough. A woman introduces herself, then puts her son on the phone so he can state his grievances.

We can only assume she then walked because after listing all the comics he wants back (there are a lot) he lets out how he really feels.

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We don’t wanna ruin it but the word “sh*thole” gets thrown around a bit. LOLz!

Check out the audio (below) to hear one sassy 8-year-old demand his comics back.


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Patricia Arquette Runs Away With The Best Supporting Actress Award At The 2015 Oscars!


It was tough competition at the Oscars among these talented ladies! But only one could win and it was Patricia Arquette for her much talked about role in Boyhood.

She managed to top Laura Dern: Wild, Keira Knightley: The Imitation Game, Emma Stone: Birdman, and Meryl Streep: Into the Woods. See what we mean, MAJOR competition!

But after she swept all awards season, we’ve gotta say we’re not too surprised!


Check out all of the night’s winners HERE!

[Image via WENN.]


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This Dog Ran Away From Home To Find Her Owner In The Hospital Where She Was Recovering From Surgery!

is such a Homeward Bound moment!

When Dale Franck‘s Miniature Schnauzer Sissy went missing over night last weekend in Cedar Rapids, the 66-year-old feared the worst.

That is until he got a call the nearby hospital that they had located his pup in an incredible way!

Apparently, Dale’s wife Nancy had been from Cancer at Mercy Medical Center for two weeks, and Sissy somehow knew how to get from their all the way to the hospital lobby… 20 blocks !

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That’s literally the sweetest thing we’ve heard all day!

It’s still unclear exactly how Sissy made it to Nancy, but we’re thinking she knew her needed her and just followed her nose.

Talk about man woman’s best friend!

[Image via KCRG Iowa.]


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Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Slipping Away For A Baby Bump Vacation!

They’re heading back!

Kate Middleton and Prince William haven’t been to a beach since they went to Australia nine months ago when they brought Prince George there as part of their royal tour.

And while they ARE going back to a beach – it won’t be in Australia!

The royal couple are heading to a exclusive resort island named Mustique. The couple and the rest of the ’s were there before when Kate was pregnant with George for a babymoon and we guess they had a good because they’re going back to the Caribbean island for a second !

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Another reason Kate and Will are heading back with George to the picturesque island is because it’s George’s grandmother Carole Middleton‘s 60th birthday on Saturday.

is the last long trip that Kate Middleton will go on before her second child is born, and we have a feeling she’s really going to enjoy one!

Who doesn’t love paradise?!

[Image via WENN.]


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Kanye West Spent Thanksgiving An Ocean Away From Kim Kardashian & North West

Yikes! doesn’t sound good!

Despite Kim Kardashian tweeting that she with her “whole family” that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Because Kanye West was missing!!!

According to a new report, Yeezy was overseazy in Paris, dining with two man-friends at Ralph Lauren‘s restaurant. Meanwhile, in America, Kim was with her -Jenner family at Khloe Kardashian‘s house.

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There have been reports floating around that the two aren’t agreeing on much these days, and this could be a further indication.

And now we’re hoping even more that the nude pics was looking at on his plane were indeed Kim!

We’re not sure why the rapper would choose to spend the holiday his wife and daughter North West, but he probably had a good reason.

Even more curious is why Kim said her “whole family” was there though!


[Image via WENN.]


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