Lisa Vanderpump Speaks About Ebola At The United Nations Before Stopping By Watch What Happens Live!

Monday night was pretty busy for Lisa Vanderpump.

Not only was it the season finale of her hit Bravo series Rules, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star also gave a speech at The United Nations.

Those two events couldn’t be more different from one another.

She gave a serious speech in New York the outbreak, saying:

“The current ebola outbreak has taken more victims than every other outbreak combined. The graphic images of victims lying bleeding from the gut and people stepping over them is heart wrenching. We have to be proactive an increase funding for research, or we are guilty for stepping over them as a nation.

It is not just a African problem. We are a global community and it is our problem, and I urge all nations to pay attention to this crisis.”

Wow. So eloquent.

But not to keep the mood too heavy, following her global call to action, stopped by What Happens ! to crash Reza Farahan and GG Gharachedaghi‘s episode… which they did not love!

[ Video: Lisa's Take On That Brandi & Kyle RHOBH Fight! ]

And just a sidenote, it definitely seemed like Andy Cohen was getting really annoyed by Reza the entire time. Just sayin’.

We’re glad Lisa is using her bravolebrity status for good!


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Kanye West Makes A Surprise Visit To Nando’s Chicken Restaurant Before BRIT Awards Performance!

He walks amongst us! Praise be to Yeezus!

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That’s right, just hours his at the BRIT Awards, Kanye West made an unexpected to Nando’s chicken in the 02 Arena.

Basically, the whole place erupted in celebrations! We’re talking selfies galore!

According to those present, Kanye seemed to be in great spirits! Hey, he even hopped up on a table! That’s Kanye, 1; table, 0.

Wow, talk about in the right place at the right time. We wish we had been there!

[Image via Twitter.]


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So Sad! Terminally Ill Police Dog Given Full Honors Before Being Put Down!

Judge was a K-9, who worked out of the Deptford Department.

He’s a retired working dog and a real hero. Sadly, he’s also dying, suffering from complications from Cushings Disease.

His handler, Cpl. Michael Franks, said:

“Judge and I had such overwhelming and positive support that day. Though Judge was extremely lethargic and could barely walk the days the ceremony, he was able to bite onto his favorite protective decoy arm sleeve used in training and carry it into the hospital.”

That is the cutest, most tear-jerkiest thing we’ve ever heard.

Not only did police line the streets to salute the K-9 as he walked past, the whole staff of the animal hospital stood for Judge.

Judge had an almost seven-year career with the West Deptford PD. He would help with finding drugs, and tracking/apprehending suspects.

This hero dog led to so much good! The West Deptford Police said:

“Because of K-9 Judge’s fearless service, 152 suspects were arrested for criminal offenses, 3 motor vehicles were seized, 3 handguns were taken off of the streets, countless amounts of drugs were seized, and over ,000 is currency were taken from people involved in illegal activity. This doesn’t even take into account the amount of positive interactions K-9 Judge had with our children and members of our community during demonstrations and events.”

It’s so sad that Judge got so sick.

His condition became near unbearable and that’s when it was decided to euthanize the hero dog.

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We’re sad he had to go, but we’re so glad they gave him a send-off with .

R.I.P. – Judge

[Image via Facebook.]


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Lea Michele Wraps Filming On Glee — But Not Before Taking Something Special Of Cory Monteith’s Home

Alas, all great things must come to an end.

The cast of Glee wrapped for the final season of the beloved FOX musical, but of course, they couldn’t leave without a few souvenirs!!

Lea Michele and the rest of her co-stars documented their last day of shooting on Saturday afternoon — so sentimental!

[ Watch: Lea & Ryan Murphy Team Up Again For Scream Queens! ]

The Gleeks had a fun carnival send-off on the Paramount lot, but when the day ended, Princess Lea made off with one thing that meant a great deal to her.

Lea shared the photo (above) on Instagram with the caption:

“One last thing. ❤️”

She took home Cory Monteith‘s jersey with her as she left the set!

Tears are streaming right now, we can’t even!

Can you imagine anyone else taking Finn’s jersey…

It’s been a great six years! Time to move onto bigger and better things.

[Image via Lea /Instagram/BauerGriffinOnline.]


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Real Housewives Recap: Apollo Cusses Phaedra Out Right Before He Reports To Jail!

Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta got a little too … and raw.

The show marked the last appearance of castmember Parks’ husband Nida he entered prison for money fraud.

The couple had been estranged since Apollo was found guilty; Phaedra didn’t want their two young sons exposed to all the press and wanted to distance herself from her husband’s crimes.

The day Apollo was supposed to report to prison, he instead went to their shared , only to discover Phaedra was changing the locks and garage entry. Apollo was obviously upset at his wife and began cussing as the cameras rolled:

“That is crazy. Why would you all do that to me? Why would you lock me out of my own house? You want to talk sh-t to me? You want to change sh-t on me, you changing sh-t on me?”

He even accused her of having an affair.

Apollo eventually left, but returned a short while later. He then picked up a power drill and confronted Phaedra:

Check out their tense final moments below:


What viewers DIDN’T see was that a warrant was issued for Apollo’s arrest since he didn’t report on time. He eventually did and is serving his 8-year sentence.

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Who do you feel worse for, Apollo or Phaedra? Tell us in the comments below.


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You Never Would’ve Guessed What Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Did Before The Super Bowl! Hint: It Involves Baby North & Wild Animals!

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West may have watched the Seattle Seahawks lose to the New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX, but beforehand, they may have actually seen real live hawks!

The reality TV star posted this (above) photo Monday afternoon on her Instagram of her and her family — including daughter North West — spending some quality time together they watched the big game.

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And what exactly did they do right before the festivities?

They went to the zoo!

The 34-year-old captioned the adorable pic:

“At the zoo with my boo and my baby boo”

So freakin’ cute!

And of course daddy wore an appropriate camouflage t-shirt to commemorate their mini-safari!

We just hope their day of seeing wild went well.

If it didn’t, it would perfectly explain ’s mood inside the stadium!

[Image via Kim /Instagram.]


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