Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran Give An Earth-Shattering 9-Minute Long Performance In Honor Of Stevie Wonder At His Grammys Special!

Not that we’ve ever questioned it, but Beyoncé can really put on a !

Queen Bey was tasked with opening the : Songs In The Key Of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute on Monday night, and then she continued to sing for a whole nine !

[ Video: Ariana Grande At The Stevie Wonder Grammys Special ]

But Bey wasn’t alone… Ed Sheeran stopped by to make sure the Grammys intro went on without a hitch.

The duo really got the crowd going, and we can tell that they were truly, musically-inspired by Stevie.

Ch-ch-check out Beyoncé and Ed kick off the CBS special (above)!!!


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House Or No House — Beyoncé & Jay Z Are DEFINITELY Moving To Los Angeles! They’ve Even Enrolled Blue Ivy In School!


The royal couple are staying in Los — and by royal couple we mean Beyoncé and Jay Z!

A couple weeks ago we found out Jayoncé lost out on a home in Beverly Hills, and we figured that was the end of the power duo’s stay on the west coast.

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BUT we may have jumped to that conclusion way too soon, because sources close to B and Jay are saying they are to El Lay!

The duo are actively looking for a home in the Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, or Bel-Air area, but unfortunately they haven’t found one they’re in love with — yet.

Not only are they continuously looking, but they’re super serious because they have already Blue Ivy in an elite private to the pricey tune of ,080 a !

Bey and Jay definitely don’t need a reason to why they’re moving, BUT, it’s only human nature to be curious, right??

A source close to the couple said the two just want:

“a change in lifestyle.”

So, there you have it!

Everyone needs a change every once in a while, right?


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60 Minutes Reporter Steve Kroft Told His Mistress ‘Don’t Dress Like Beyoncé’

How is it that famous people have affairs and don’t think they’ll eventually be caught?

, of 60 Minutes fame, was carrying on with his Lisan Goines in September 2011, and he was terrified that he’d be found out. Not only because he’s been married to journalist Jennet Conant for 23 years, but also because he was “really paranoid about right-wing zealots,” according to a source close to Goines.

Did we mention that Goines is a Harvard-educated real-estate and corporate lawyer?

[ Photos: Celebrities Who've Publicly Called Out Their Significant Others For Cheating! ]

Well, apparently, Kroft and Goines met at the Park Hyatt on 24th and M streets in DC during that September, and Kroft her “ in Washington is Either professional or Laura Bush,” and added, “Don’t dress like Beyoncé.”

Apparently, this wasn’t a diss, Kroft just didn’t want to be found out, and that’s why he never went in public with her either, “because she’s black — because they’d be noticeable,” the source said.

The fact that Kroft had an affair isn’t the new news. What’s come out now is the leaking of MORE dirrrrty sexts between the two! And of course, the Bey remarks.

are some of the NSFW messages they sent:

Kroft: “Very hard playing golf with A bulge in my pants.”

Kroft: “I’m in my room at the same Washington hotel where I remember having you for a four hour full course Meal plus desert.”
Goines: “Mmmm…u whet my appetite.”
Kroft: “I hope that’s not all I’m wetting.”

LOLz! All parties involved have declined to comment on the situation.

It just goes to show that no affair is safe… so just don’t have them!

[Image via WENN.]


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Taylor? Beyoncé? Miley? Who Finished Off 2014 As The Most Charitable Celeb Of The Year??

Such a charity case!

While 2014 was a great for SO many different celebs, only the best of the best are capable of paying it forward.

So, who actually was the of the year?

Taylor Swift of course!!!

[ Video: Taylor Swift Totally Approves Of This 1989 Mashup! ]

According to, Tay-Tay was the most giving star of 2014; and she has been for three years in a row now!

The rest of the Top 5 was up of Laverne Cox, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Watson.

Way to go, ladies.

Doing good never looked so great!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/C.Smith/Brian To/WENN]


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Beyoncé & Jay Z Gift You The Most Adorable Pics From Their Iceland Adventure For The Holidays! See Them HERE!

Happy holidays Beyoncé!!

While the 7/11 songstress didn’t send Christmas cards to her fans, she DID finally upload a slew of pictures from Jay Z‘s 45th birthday celebration in !

So that’s basically a gift to the Bey Hive, right??

[ Photos: Beyoncé & Jay Z's 45 Most Adorable Moments Together ]

Especially considering the sweet shots from (presumably) early December are than adorable. Seriously, cue the awws, people!

Though of all the from their , our fave by far is Beyzus bringing out her husband’s lit up cake.

Now go and enjoy their love-filled trip in the gallery (above)!

[Image via]


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This Guy Made Half A Billion Dollars More Than Beyoncé & Taylor Swift?! See Forbes’ Shocking Highest Paid Musician List HERE!

Who’s the top earning in the world?

If you answered Beyoncé, it’s because you forgot about Dr. Dre!

The rapper and mogul has been named the number one highest musician by Forbes after selling his headphones company Beats to Apple; he reportedly earned 0 million before taxes in 2014!

Bey was unsurprisingly number two on that list, but her earnings only came in at 5 million.

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That is a 5 million difference!!! Wow!

The Eagles took third, making 0 million with their History of the Eagles tour. The rest of the list brought along some familiar names!

To find out what Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and made year, check out the entire list top to bottom (below)!!!

Dr Dre – 0m

Beyoncé – 5m

The Eagles – 0m

Bon Jovi – m

Bruce Springsteen – m

Justin Bieber – m

One Direction – m

Paul McCartney – m

Calvin Harris – m

Toby Keith: m

Taylor : m

Jay Z – m

Diddy – m

Bruno Mars – m

Justin Timberlake – m

Pink – m

Michael Buble – m

Rihanna – m

Rolling Stones – m

Roger Waters – m

Elton John: million

Kenny Chesney: million

Katy Perry: million

Jason Aldean: million

Jennifer Lopez: million

Cyrus: million

Celine Dion: million

Muse: million

Luke Bryan: million

Lady Gaga: million

Drake: million


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