Tay Tay Is Going Cray Cray At The BRIT Awards!! Get A Sneak Peek Of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Performance HERE!!

is never gonna go out of style!

In case you didn’t know Taylor Swift is just one of the mega famous stars who is set to take the stage at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday.

And while these next two days might kill you with anticipation, we have a sneak of Tay Tay rehearsing a song, and we’re pretty sure it looks like it’s to be !

[ Photos: Taylor Swift Is One Of Our Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week ]

Taylor is going to be joined by Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, so it’s going to be a star-studded evening that you definitely do not want to miss!

Ch-ch-check out the shot of Taylor in action (below)!!!

Can’t wait to see it, Taylor!


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Perez Reviews: ‘Blank The Musical’

If you’re a fan of musicals and/or improv, then you will love the new and aptly titled Blank The Musical, currently running at our favorite off-Broadway venue, New World Stages.

The show is a fully improvised and the audience fills in all the blanks – title, lyrics and even helps out with the music.

A very funny (and young) cast bring to life this one-night-only musical and an equally skilled house band comes up with original music on the spot!

It’s all super fun and playing for a limited time only.

We really enjoyed it and the only note we have – if it were to extend it’s run – is that the audience interaction is limited to the first quarter of the show. After the setup is done so is the audience. It’d be really engaging and vicarious for all audience members if one or two were picked at certain parts to come up and be a part of the show.

We would not be surprised if a couple of these funny actors who can sing very well end up on Saturday Night Live.

So get your tickets to Blank The Musical and see them if hit up your town or come back to NYC!


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Taylor Swift Leaves No Spaces Blank On The Cover Of Bloomberg Businessweek

Hey Taylor, didn’t see ya there!

In case you couldn’t tell, Taylor Swift covered Bloomberg Businessweek and it was her role in the music industry.

Excuse us, we mean, her role as the music industry.

The 24-year-old really is having an amazing 2014, and the business mag detailed her work with her label Big Machine, 1989, and her Spotify scandal.

In the article, Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta gave his insight into the pair’s decision to pull of TayTay’s music from the app.

“We’re not against anybody, but we’re not responsible for new business models, If work, fantastic, but it can’t be at the detriment of our own business. That’s what Spotify is.”

That’s a really good point!

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Taylor doesn’t owe Spotify anything and can do whatever she pleases with the music she makes.

Team Swifty forever!

P.S. Nobody else would be able to that cute that close-up.

[Image via Bloomberg Businessweek]


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Jake Gyllenhaal Nearly Drops Naomi Watts During Filming! Fill In The Blank!

New couple alert? Not with that grip! LOLz!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts were spotted filming their new movie Demolition at Coney Island on Monday.

The movie couple was meant to be acting totes in love an idyllic day on the beach.

[ Photos: Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted On A Date With Rachel McAdams ]

But when this piggyback ride went awry, we’re guessing it wasn’t sweet nothings was whispering!

As she slipped out of Jake’s arms, gurl was probably shouting something along the lines of “____________________________!”

[Image via AKM-GSI.]


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Rihanna & Christina Aguilera Dine Together (Kind Of!), But What Did They Talk About?? Fill In The Blank!

Whoa! We can’t believe these two were spotted out !

Well, not entirely…

Rihanna was out having dinner at Giorgio Baldi in El Lay when she sat literally directly in front of none other than Christina Aguilera!

How cool! Two divas under one roof!

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Hmmm…. we wonder if saw each other, what could have talked about?

Maybe they discussed ’s new baby girl and nephew? Or a possible collaboration? Or maybe something else???

What do YOU think? When RiRi saw she was sitting next to Xtina, she said to her ________________!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]


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Taylor Swift And Her Own Grumpy Cat Don’t Look Too Excited For The VMAs! Fill In The Blank!

Taylor Swift is totally ready for the VMAs!

She posted this pic with her adorable cat Olivia Benson to Twitter just hours before the show.

Of course, cats probably won’t be allowed in The Forum. No wonder Olivia is thinking _________________!

[Image via Taylor Swift/Twitter.]


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