​Did Kate Hudson & Chris Martin See Sparks On The Malibu Beach Together?! See The Pics HERE!

Jennifer Lawrence, where are you???

Newly single Kate Hudson and Coldplay frontman were spotted on the in on Saturday having a playdate with their kids. Was it an adult date too???

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The two were chatting it up on the sand, before joining their kids in the surf for a bit of soccer and volleyball.

But, after looking at the , it seems like has nothing to worry about because these two looked as platonic as can be.

Then again, really likes her musicians… Hmm.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]


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Chris Soules Brands A Winner On The Bachelor Season Finale… Did Your Favorite Win The Final Rose!?

So cute! So romantic! So boring…

wrapped up a rather slow of The Bachelor on Monday night by, you guessed it, proposing to his one true love, selected from a group of 30 candidates.

After last week’s rather shocking episode that saw the best ABC reality show contestant of all time Kaitlyn Bristowe get eliminated, it was pretty obvious to us which of the two ladies was going to win Chris’ heart, and that .

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Now we don’t want to write out any spoilers, but if you want to see if it was either Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff that Chris proposed to, then ch-ch-check out the engagement (above)!!!

Do U think the right woman won?



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Chris Brown Can Kiss Any Chance Of Rekindling His Relationship With Karrueche Tran Goodbye!

It doesn’t look like Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown will be getting back together anytime soon — or at all.

Ever since the news of Chris’ baby broke, the 26-year-old model has packed her bags and left her boyfriend indefinitely.

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Ouch, that has got to hurt!

A source close to Breezy’s ex-girlfriend even confirmed that she’s cut all ties to the singer in the last 36 hours.

Karrueche isn’t even returning the crooner’s calls! The insider :

“Chris is trying to get ahold of her and is calling and texting nonstop. She’s not answering and doesn’t have any plans to in the near future. She doesn’t want any part of the drama.”

Miz Tran probably isn’t answering because she realized the possibility of the 25-year-old cheating on her!

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Even though Chris and Karrueche are known for their on-again-off-again , the source said the two were definitely together when he hooked up with his supposed baby momma:

“They’ve pretty solid for the past year or two. He likely cheated on her.”

Yeah, say to that relationship forever, Chris.

We don’t think Karrueche is coming back anytime soon.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]


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The Name Of Chris Brown’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Has Been Revealed!

Chris Brown‘s supposed 9-month-old baby girl is named Royalty!

No, literally, that’s her actual moniker! It’s finally nice to put a to the singer’s reported love child with Nia!

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An insider close to the situation reveals that the 25-year-old is stepping up to the plate and wants to help raise the baby.

The source continued to say calls his alleged baby momma regularly and is willing to fly to Texas, where Nia and Royalty reside, to help out!

Sure, this news ruffled some feathers in Chris’ current life, but at least he’s apparently willing to do whatever he can to be a good parent!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]


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Captain America VS Star-Lord! Chris Evans & Chris Pratt Get Into A Twitter Brawl And @Marvel Has To Step In!

We knew Captain : Civil War was going to be hero vs hero, but we didn’t know Star-Lord was involved!

Srsly, why are Chris Evans and Chris Pratt fighting??

It all started when (sorry, — that’s going to get confusing) tweeted:

Are the Avengers taking on the Guardians Of The Galaxy??

Nope. This isn’t about super heroes, it’s about the Super Bowl! The New England Patriots are facing the Seattle Seahawks, and the Chrisses are down to duke it out!

was happy to hit back at Evans’s tweet, replying:

Ooh, burn! But that’s when stepped in, tweeting:

As everyone with families who root for different teams knows, no. Not until February 2. LOLz!


[Image via Marvel.]


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Chris Martin STILL Hasn’t Introduced Jennifer Lawrence & Gwyneth Paltrow To Each Other?!

We wonder if he’s stalling on making these introductions!

Jennifer Lawrence and Martin‘s is going strong apparently, but it may not yet be strong enough to handle the awkwardness that would most likely arise if Chris Jen to his babies’ momma.

Gwyneth Paltrow!!!

The Coldplay singer and famously “uncoupled” from each other many moons ago and Chris has seemingly moved on with in a hurry!

But even though Gwyneth has recently said she doesn’t mind that the two are dating – it seems Chris Martin isn’t quite ready for a meeting of these fabulous faces and minds to happen just yet!

Or at least that’s what one source said:

“Chris hasn’t wanted them to meet yet. Gwyneth and Chris are co-parenting without Jen involved for now.”

We wonder if this means that Jen may get the parenting act with Apple and Moses sometime down the line!

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Although it makes sense that Gwyneth and Chris don’t want or need any help with the parenting job they’re doing, it does seem strange that Chris wouldn’t make any introductions at all.

Especially since we’re guessing the singer spends quite a lot of time with each of these two ladies!

We’d be curious to see if Jennifer starts to feel a certain type of way from this lack of introducing on Chris Martin’s part sometime in the future. She could feel like he may not feel their relationship is serious enough to warrant an introduction, and that would make a lot of partners in relationships mad, as well.

Chris Martin better suck it up and nip this thing in the bud before he loses TWO fair haired hotties!

[Image via FayesVision/Joe/Daniel Deme/WENN.]


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