Woman Melts Down After Her Boyfriend’s Sneaky Christmas Proposal! See Her Tears Of Happiness HERE!

Aww! Her are making us cry!

A recent YouTube video captured a lady’s tears as she was surprised by her future husband proposing to her on Day!

The lady can be seen in the video looking quite annoyed as she opens a bunch of presents from her boyfriend which only include letters and fragments of words.

[ Photos: The Most AH-Mazing Ugly Crying GIFs! ]

But once she puts it all together – her expression becomes priceless!

Check out the video (below) !!!!


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Woman Absolutely Loses It During A Christmas Proposal! She’s In A Glass Case Of Emotions!

This girl just can’t right now.

One smart gent decided to propose to his girlfriend on morning by having her solve a puzzle!

No, it wasn’t sexy Sudoku!

This lady had to spell out “Will you marry me?” in huge letters but by the time she got to the first “Y,” she was officially Sob City… population one.

SRSLY! Although she wept, it was clear that she was just oh so very happy.

We can’t imagine how she’ll freak out the wedding ceremony itself.

Ch-ch-check out the beautiful, heartfelt, cry fest (below)!!!


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​Kim Kardashian Shares Even More Adorable Christmas Pics With North & Kanye West!

are those she promised!

Kim Kardashian previously gave her fans a sampling of pics from Kris Jenner‘s infamous holiday photobooth… and now there are !

Including a happy-ish family pic of Kim, Kanye West, and daughter North West! Taking her father, little Nori didn’t smile in any of the photos, but that doesn’t make her any less adorable at all!

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And Kim shared a cleavage-baring one with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney too!

Ch-ch-check out the rest of their family photos (above)!

[Image via Instagram.]


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Christmas Miracle! Dog Falls 15 Floors … And Survives!

Pets often find themselves in hot water.

This Perezcious pup named Sam literally did, falling 15 into a hot tub!

[ Video: Disabled Dog Gets 3D Printed Legs! And It's A Beautiful Thing To See Him Run! ]

The 13-year-old Boston terrier somehow slipped through the railings of his owner’s balcony on Monday.

Workers rushed to hot tub after hearing a giant splash, only to discover Sam swimming inside.

Bette Plumb, who was supposed to be watching Sam, knew immediately something was wrong:

“My first thought was he must have got out and taken the stairs or the elevator or something. But there’s no way he could have gotten out of the condo. All of a sudden, I knew. It hit me immediately: He fell.”

Sam — who is partially blind — did sustain several injuries. He’s recovering at a local Sacramento animal hospital with five broken ribs and fractures to his pelvis.

Bill McCourt, Plumb’s son and Sam’s owner, knows his dog is lucky to be alive.

“His balcony days are over. He’s going to have to sit by the door from now on, though, if I were him, I don’t think I’d be running back out there again.”

Plumb added:

“It’s a . There’s no way that dog should be alive.”

miracle indeed.


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The Interview Made HOW Much In Theaters On Christmas Day?!?

The numbers are in and the big question is finally answered… Well, kind of!

Was The a success?

The James Franco and Seth Rogen brain-child, which was met with some mixed reviews, pulled in some modest numbers its Day release.

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So, how , exactly, did it make for Sony?

One million dollars!

Sounds a bit low, huh?

However, the big thing we have to remember is that this ONLY counted the box office sales! And since the film only opened in about 330 , number 15 at the box office ain’t half bad!

The Interview was ALSO available on various platforms online, which meant people could watch without ever leaving their houses or putting on pants!

So, obviously the favorable option for Christmas!

We’ll wait to see how big of a success the film REALLY is when those numbers come rolling in! LOL!


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Avril Lavigne Shuts Down Rehab Rumors With A Playful Christmas Card! See The Festive Pic HERE!

Avril Lavigne wants you to know she’s NOT headed to for !

The rocker, who recently divulged she’s suffering from an unknown illness, shared a tongue-in-cheek message and holiday to dispel recent rehab .

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Chad Kroeger‘s wife tweeted:

Ha! Well, we guess that’s that!

The 30-year-old also tweeted out a X-MAS pic with her band:

How um, !

We’re glad Avril is okay!

[Image via Twitter.]


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