Natalia Kills & Willy Moon Fired From X Factor New Zealand For Bullying A Contestant!

Move over Simon Cowell, there’s a new mean singing competition judge in town…

Or at least, there was!

On Sunday’s episode of X Factor New Zealand, Natalia Kills and her husband went off on a who bared some resemblance to the latter judge.

And when we say they went off, that’s just an understatement!

laid into Joe Irvine after he performed Cry Me A River on the first live episode of the Top 13 for copying her hubby and lacking creativity.

It’s seriously mean… but this isn’t her first controversy of the season: She had to issue an apology after admonishing the audience with swears during the audition rounds!

To the reality TV ’s credit, Natalia and Willy were fired ahead of Monday’s elimination, so it’s pretty clear Joe got the last laugh.

Plus, Willy isn’t even that famous, if anything, Joe was copying Sam Smith!

Ch-ch-check out the insensitive outburst (below)!!!


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American Idol Contestant Michael Johns’ True Cause Of Death Was The Subject Of A Cover Up, According To His Best Friend

Whoa, this is pretty shocking!

to Torrey Gambill, of the late American Idol contest Johns, Michael’s wife tried to -up the true cause of , which was alcohol abuse.

His wife, Stacey Vuduris, has filed legal documents asserting that Torrey has blamed her for the death of Michael, and has sent her abusing texts.

In response, Torrey has filed off his own legal documents claiming that Stacey allegedly fabricated a lie following his death.

According to Stacey, Michael had an ankle injury that consequently led to a fatal blood clot that killed him.

However, according to law enforcement sources, and sources of our own, Michael had been drinking heavily at the time of his death.

According to Torrey, Stacey texted him the following right after his death:

“I’d rather it be said he died at home if that’s ok with u .. he would want that….I rather that then ‘alcoholic’ stuff … his good friends would never say anything … so I don’t think that will come out.  At least blood clot sounds sudden.”

According to  documents, settled their legal drama without a judge’s order.


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Survivor Contestant Tragically Dies In Train Accident

How awful!

The community was rocked to it’s core yesterday after one of their own was taken too soon in a freak .

Caleb Bankston, who competed on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, died when the he was on derailed on Tuesday in Birmingham. The details of the accident remain unknown, though we do know that he worked for the Alabama Warrior Railway and that it is very possible he was working at the time of his .

Caleb competed alongside his fiance Colton Cumbie in the 2013 edition of the , placing ninth. the were due to marry in October.

Our condolences go out to Colton and all who loved Caleb in this dark and sad time.

[Image via CBS.]


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NUDE PICTURE LEAK!!! Kenny, Canada’s Gay Big Brother Contestant, Shows Off A C*ck The Size Of Calgary!! See It HERE!

Brace yourselves, boy lovers, because this is going to blow your mind load!

Remember Brain? The super hot, secretly gay stud the Canadian version of Big ?

Well, he’s back! Or, technically speaking, he’s front!

The internet EXPLODED! recently when pictures of the brilliantly bearded marvelous hunk of man leaked online!!

To be honest, his picture isn’t the only thing that leaked — you should see the drool dripping out of our mouth, LOLz!!

Ch-ch-check out the UNCENSORED version of his fabulous footlong, or whatever the metric equivalent is, colon-crusher…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Holy geez!!! Between his washboard abs and his whale-sized peen, Kenny B. is the complete package!!

Ahh, and what a glorious package it is!

As an added bonus, ch-ch-check out a super sexy fashion spread he did for Fétiche Armada (below)!

[Image via Reddit.]


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Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Fails To Solve Puzzle Even When All The Letters Are Revealed! Watch Him Show His Achilles Heel HERE!

Oh to the no!

of Julian Batts was on a roll when he managed to get all the letters correct for the in College Week’s Friday episode, and he might have gotten a chance to win a million dollars too!

But then, the unthinkable, and improbable, happened and he screwed up at the last moment.

In this HIGHlarious video, Julian mispronounces the name of the classical Greek hero as Ay-chill-us!

Ch-ch-check out the guess gone wrong (above)!!!


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Gay Contestant On Big Brother Canada Is Pretending To Be Straight All To Win The Game! But Is It Hurting Him More Than It’s Helping?

One Big has a secret that he is finding hard to keep!

Despite being gay, Brain has been telling other people in the house that he’s straight, dishing about “ex-girlfriends” and flirting with the ladies of the house.

But after a month of , despite the fact that he was open in his confessionals about being gay, he needed to tell someone on the , and that was contestant Sarah Miller:

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever hidden who I am…I don’t want people to this and do the same thing. I needed to tell someone or I was going to die.”

Now, we know this is part of his own strategy – Kenny thinks pretending to be straight will gain him advantages with the girls in the house – but we’d urge him to just be himself on TV!

We think it sets a better example to be proud and honest about your sexuality, rather to teach the lesson that you can only be successful in a competitive environment by concealing yourself.

However, on the contrary, we wouldn’t want our stance to be misinterpreted as stating that everyone should feel obligated to come out of the closet. Coming out of the closet is a big decision, and only you should be making that.

However, since Kenny has been frank with TV viewers, it seems his little rouse is completely strategic. Come on. It’s 2014. Let’s be proud, and have a little faith that people will judge you by your character, and not your sexuality.

[Image via Slice.]


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