NFL Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver Jerry Rice Admitted To Cheating During His Playing Days! Get All The Deets HERE!

Uh oh!

is considered to be the greatest wide receiver of all time, but has his reputation diminished a little after these latest revelations?!

The former professional football player may have accidentally let slip that he used a banned substance his days that made the gloves he wore a lot stickier!

The substance is called stickum and it can help players catch footballs a lot !

The revelation happened on an ESPN feature and Jerry Rice was pretty open about his rule-breaking methods!

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’s what he said:

“I know this might be a little illegal, guys, but you put a little spray, a little stickum on [gloves], to make sure that texture is a little sticky.”

Many people are calling foul since Jerry Rice told the world on the same day the video appeared that the New England Patriots definitely cheated in the game before the Super Bowl in the famous Deflategate scandal!

He had said:

“I’m going to be point blank, I feel like it’s . I’ve played in cold weather, I know how hard the football is and you can grip the leather [if deflated] just a little bit better.”

It probably also helps to grip the football when your glove is sticky, ha!

But all jokes aside – this revelation shouldn’t really hurt Jerry Rice’s legacy too much – but it is kind of hypocritical to call out a team for cheating on the same day you admit to it yourself right?!

It feels almost ironic!


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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Have Reportedly Added TWO New Ladies! Deets HERE!

OH boy. This looks like it’s gonna be a dramatic season indeed!

The original Real Housewives, the lovely of , are preparing for their 10th season and it looks like they’ve two new to the mix!

Not yet confirmed by Bravo, however, sources close to cast members have confirmed that the two newbies for next season are none other than…

Meghan King Edmonds and Katie Chadwick Hamilton!

In case those names sound familiar it’s because Meghan is married to Jim Edmonds, a Fox Sports announcer and former MLB player, while Katie is married to MLB player Josh Hamilton!

Hmmm, it seems that Andy Cohen‘s love of baseball is popping up on Housewives! Not only that, but Jim has been known to hang out with Andy more than a few times. Could that friendship have secured his wife a spot on the show??

Worth noting as well is that all of the current cast is returning to the 10th season AKA Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Rovsek will all be back for another round of Housewives craziness.

It’s interesting that Lizzie is returning, seeing as fans found her to be not all that exciting of an addition.

Though, Bravo definitely has something up their sleeve because original RHOC Jeana Keough is said to be returning as a ‘friend’ this season to stir up some drama!

Jeana teased on her Twitter the other day, saying:

How innnnneresting!

What do YOU think of the cast lineup for season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

With more ladies than ever in this cast, is Bravo trying to see who’s a keeper and who will get the boot??

Will YOU tune in when it premieres later in the year?

[Image via Josh Hamilton Twitter/Meghan King Edmonds Twitter.]


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Taylor Swift’s Twitter & Instagram Got Hacked & Now There Are Nude Photo Leak Threats! Deets HERE!

Poor Taylor Swift, those hackers gonna hack, hack hack…

The Shake It Off singer had her Twitter and Instagram accounts viciously by an unknown person!

Well, not viciously, but still! Total violation of privacy!

T.Swift’s accounts started posting some strange happenings when she “tweeted” that fans should follow two different users.

Which is totally strange to anyone who follows her account !

The tweets said:

So, fans KNEW something must have been up, but that wasn’t all the tricksters were planning on doing.

They got her next by posting TWO pictures telling followers to go to two different users pages and follow the accounts.

They looked like this:

Well, Swifty wasn’t about to play that game, so she contacts the proper authorities, obvi.

The singer posted to her tumblr account an update of what happened.

She wrote:

“Well, now I’m awake.

My got hacked but don’t worry, is deleting the hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords. Never a dull moment.”


“Now instagram.

This is going to be a long day.”

Oy veeeeeey! Poor !

Well, the hackers were finally thwarted, BUT apparently they’re now threatening to release NUDE IMAGES of Tay-Tay!

Have no fear, however, because she wants the world to know that those do NOT exist! She took to Twitter (when her account was recovered) and wrote:

Props to Hayley Williams of Paramore for looking out for Taylor!

Fingers crossed they catch the hackers!

[Image via Taylor Swift Twitter/Instagram.]


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Better Call Saul Gets An Extended Trailer! Feast On The Shady Law Plot Deets HERE!

HOLY SHIZ. This is the most in-depth look at Better Saul yet!

The highly anticipated Breaking Bad spinoff set for a two-night premiere on February 8th, after The Walking Dead, and February 9th, has released an .

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Boy, is it a GOOD one! So many points we hadn’t gotten in any trailer before!

So many clients Saul Goodman, aka Bob Odenkirk, is fighting for with every method he can!

Ch-ch-check out the trailer (above) and let us know if YOU’RE excited for the premiere of the show!


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Aaron Paul Will Tap Into The Force As Luke Skywalker In A Live-Read Of The Empire Strikes Back! Get The Deets HERE!

Hold on to your panties, fanboys, because the Star Wars universe and the Breaking Bad universe are about to collide in the most spectacular way possible!!

In true Hollywood fashion, Juno director Jason Reitman will be staging a one night only live-read of The Thursday at the Ace Hotel in L.A., and he’s got a pretty stellar cast to take on the sci-fi classic!

First of all, everyone’s favorite meth dealer Aaron Paul will be taking on the role of everyone’s favorite Jedi (or second favorite if you count Mace Windu) , sparking nerd boners EVERYWHERE!

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Jason talked about his decision to cast the Breaking Bad actor, saying:

“The first thing I had to figure out was who is going to be the voice of Luke. My first instinct was, ‘Who is the actor most like Mark Hamill today?’ But five minutes into that, I’m thinking we already have that, we already have Star Wars as it is. What is the opposite of that?”

Translation: He wanted a more badass Luke that would say cool things like “I feel the , bitch!!!”

won’t be alone, as J.K. Simmons will be taking on the iconic role of Darth Vader, and anyone who’s even seen a for Whiplash will know this is a PERFECT choice!

A few other names joining the cast are The Office creator Stephen Merchant, who will be C-3PO, as well as Kevin Pollak, who will be playing Yoda!

There will plenty more exciting announcements before tomorrow night, but if this cast isn’t already enough to make you feel some tingle in your jingle, then maybe the force just isn’t with you!


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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin’s Lavish Pre-Wedding Deets Revealed! Get A Low Down On Events & Famous Friends Who’ve Already Arrived HERE!

It’s only the best for George Clooney and Alamuddin!!

As the pair‘s nuptials draw closer, more details of the extravagant affair have surfaced…and the whole event sounds absolutely amazing!

Its been that prior to the wedding, George and Amal’s guests will at the Cipriani Hotel followed by a scrumptious brunch at Cip’s Club or Oro restaurant.

According to sources, the wedding venue (Cipriani Hotel) has already been decorated to the nines with breathtaking crystal chandeliers and gorgeous place settings.

Lucky of the couple, like Cindy Crawford and Matt Damon and their significant others, have already in Venice to help the pair celebrate their last moments of singledom.

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Wow, we wish we could attend this sure to be gorgeous fete! 

Congrats again, George and Amal!

[Image via WENN.]


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