Ellen DeGeneres Pranks An Unsuspecting Justin Bieber — And The Results Are HIGHlarious! Watch It All Go Down HERE!

Looks like the prankster has become the prankee!

Justin Bieber had a LARGE dose of his own medicine when he hung out with Ellen DeGeneres on her yesterday!

Oh how the tables have turned.

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The crooner should’ve known though, is like, the ultimate prankster! probably thought he was safe because he’s buddies with the hostess.

Sorry, JB, pranking leaves no survivors!

Ch-ch-check out Ellen’s epic foolery that scared the bejeezus out of Justin (above)!!


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10-Year-Old Twin Girls Perform The Most Incredible Sam Smith Medley EVER On The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Holy crap! These two are SO effing talented!

Ellen DeGeneres always finds the most AH-MAZING people to come on to her !

10--old twins Abby and Sarah stopped by The Show to a of Sam Smith songs and we’re SO blown away from them!

[ Video: EXCLUSIVE! Nicole Scherzinger Covers Sam Smith! ]

Seriously! They’re ! We bet Sam would be PROUD that they would choose his songs to sing!

Ch-ch-check out the seriously adorable girls belt out his songs (above)!!!


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Ellen DeGeneres Is America’s Favorite TV Personality! Third Year In A Row!! Which Celebs Did She Beat??

We always knew that Ellen DeGeneres was number one!

But now, thanks to The Harris Poll, we’ve got the data to prove it!

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According to the study, is America’s TV for the in a row! Also, she’s the only woman in the top ten.

Congratulations, gurrrrl!!

Runner up was NCISMark Harmon, who snagged the second popular personality for the third year in a row as well.

Jimmy Fallon, with his new gig as host of The Tonight , who came in third!

The Harris Poll is comprised of 2,255 adults who were surveyed online between December 10th and 15th. And it just serves to prove how amazing Ellen is!!

The full top ten list is:

1 Ellen
2 Mark Harmon
3 Jimmy Fallon
4 Steve Harvey
5 Jim Parsons
6 Jon Stewart
7 Stephen Colbert
8 Tom Selleck
9 Bill O’Reilly
10 David Letterman

Ooo… looks like Jon Stewart is still ranked higher than Stephen Colbert. Love that their rivalry is still alive.

We’re not sure how we feel about everyone on the list but the fact that Ellen is on top is just perf.

Congrats again, Ellen! THAT’s what funny can do!!


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Matthew McConaughey’s Odd Lincoln Car Commercial Gets The Ellen DeGeneres Treatment!

As if this wasn’t already weird enough…

Ellen DeGeneres is showing us the new Matthew McConaughey (or True Detective ) we didn’t see – featuring the talk host herself!

There’s a car, eating pot brownies and a seriously large bull. 

Ch-ch-check out the footage left on the cutting room floor (above) and enjoy the hilarity!


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Ellen DeGeneres Finally Gets A Chance To Pay Tribute To The Late Robin Williams & It’s As Touching (And Hilarious) As You’d Expect

Aw, what a sweet and absolutely touching .

Now that Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show is back from summer break, she was able to pay tribute to the late Robin Williams.

Over the course of years, visited ’s show MANY times and he always was a hit to say the least.

In the tribute, Robin’s best moments from the show are remembered and set to some moving Coldplay songs.

Ellen’s special in memoriam (below)! 

Wow, we laughed AND cried during that moving tribute.

You did a great job of honoring Robin, Ellen.


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Ellen DeGeneres Forces Channing Tatum To Confront His Biggest Fear…Porcelain Dolls!

Come play with us, !

Ellen DeGeneres, not one to shy away from scaring the guests on her , decided to prey upon the helpless Channing Tatum as she forced him to overcome his greatest fear.

Before you say to yourself, “what? No. Channing isn’t afraid of anything,” know that your statement would be wrong. Dead wrong. Almost as dead as the eyes of the porcelain dolls Channing is afraid of.

That’s right, Channing is afraid of porcelain dolls, and he avoided tried to avoid them on the show, but to no avail. They were shoved in his face. Even we were terrified.

Ch-ch-check out the segment (above)!!!


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