Joel McHale Responds To Rumors He’s Taking Over The Daily Show: ‘I Don’t Think I’m Smart Enough!’

The world was shocked and saddened to learn that Jon Stewart was retiring!

It’s truly the end of an era. Sad face.

Now that we know Stewart is leaving, who is gonna take for him?

Word on the street is McHale was in the running as a replacement!

But what does Joel ? He said:

“I don’t think I’m smart to do the job. I think I come off as being smart. But deep down I’m really not. Plus, I’ve just signed on for two more years at E!, and I’m having a ball on that . And E! has been incredibly good.”

Ha! Sounds McHale is a big fan of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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He then explains how his show, The Soup, is nothing like The Show, saying:

“Jon Stewart deals with large, very important issues. We obsess about the weirdos on ‘The Bachelor’ who do ghost adventures and look for Bigfoot. So I think the show would not be up to the intellectual standards that everyone is looking for.”

Yeah, we can totally see how Joel’s brand of news is a bit different than Jon Stewart’s.

So now we’re left crawling in the dark, feeling around for a new Daily Show host.


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Chrissy Teigen LOVES That Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Don’t Smile But Not Because Of What You May Think

It’s no secret that sassy model Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been frequently double dating with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West lately, including a stop at a Waffle House recently!

The foursome took a pic where everyone except seemed happy to pose for the informal shot.

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But loves that Kimye don’t smile for the camera! Weird, right? Actually, not really! She had an excellent explanation, saying:

“It seemed very random, but if you know me it wasn’t that random. It was actually my first time ever at a Waffle House. I was at the DirecTV party that night and we’d seen Kanye just completely kill it onstage. I was , ‘Do you guys want to go to Waffle House?’ It wasn’t that crazy the night before I went to Taco Bell and the night before that Jack in the Box. No one thought anything of it and all came with me… Kanye is so much fun. He’s a wonderful person. What I love about Kim and Kanye is that I think save happy moments and smiles for themselves, rather than sharing everything with the public. And , when a camera is shoved in your face trying to take a selfie you do not want to smile. And sometimes those photos get out. I don’t want to smile in every photo I take. Can you imagine someone not asking you and grabbing you by the shoulder and pushing you in and forcing a photo? And not once, but a thousand times a day. I think people should understand that more.”

Well, we all know that whether it’s one camera or a thousand, Kanye is not happy about it!

But at least we can now confirm that they were all happy to be there! And let’s give Yeezy a break on this one; as Chrissy said, he’d just killed it on stage! Maybe the guy was just tired.

[Image via Instagram.]


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60 Minutes Reporter Steve Kroft Told His Mistress ‘Don’t Dress Like Beyoncé’

How is it that famous people have affairs and don’t ’ll eventually be caught?

Steve Kroft, of 60 Minutes fame, was carrying on with his Lisan Goines in September 2011, and he was terrified that he’d be found out. Not only because he’s been married to journalist Jennet Conant for 23 years, but also because he was “really paranoid about right-wing zealots,” according to a source close to Goines.

Did we mention that Goines is a Harvard-educated real-estate and corporate lawyer?

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Well, apparently, Kroft and Goines met at the Park Hyatt on 24th and M streets in DC during that September, and Kroft her “dress in Washington is Either professional or Laura Bush,” and added, “Don’t dress Beyoncé.”

Apparently, this wasn’t a diss, Kroft just didn’t want to be found out, and that’s why he never went in public with her either, “because she’s black — because they’d be more noticeable,” the source said.

The fact that Kroft had an affair isn’t the new news. What’s come out now is the leaking of MORE dirrrrty sexts between the two! And of course, the Bey remarks.

are some of the NSFW messages they sent:

Kroft: “Very hard playing golf with A bulge in my pants.”

Kroft: “I’m in my room at the same Washington hotel where I remember having you for a four hour full course Meal plus desert.”
Goines: “Mmmm…u whet my appetite.”
Kroft: “I hope that’s not all I’m wetting.”

LOLz! All parties involved have declined to comment on the situation.

It just goes to that no affair is safe… so just don’t have them!

[Image via WENN.]


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Don’t Mess With Justin Bieber! Find Out How The Singer Is Defending Himself Against A Paparazzo’s Lawsuit HERE!

Justin Bieber has NO time for paparazzo, Walter Lee!

The , who is Walter’s claim that he was seriously injured in 2013 by Bieb’s car, wants the whole case thrown OUT.

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According to , he thinks the is bogus Lee was the one who put himself in danger when he stood directly in front of the vehicle in question. Also, the pap was spotted filming JB just DAYS after the incident which makes the whole seriously injured thing a bit suspicious.

While we know Justin doesn’t have the best history with the paparazzi, we agree that this case seems suspect.

If Lee is exaggerating his injuries, we the 20-year-old should counter sue. Lying about something so serious is very shameful!

Hopefully everything will work out and if not, can lean on his friends Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin for support!

So, do YOU think the lawsuit against the singer should be thrown out?

SOUND OFF in the comments section (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]


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Listen To This: Don’t Stop Movin’!

is some voodoo shiz!!!

Soooo insanely catchy!

Becky G has followed up her Shower song with another and even hookier smash!

This is so pop and so radio friendly, which may be a turnoff to some people, but it’s the kind of song that will get etched in your brain and you will spontaneously bust out singing to this!

We can’t listening to it!

Check out Can’t Stop Dancin above!

Then CLICK HERE to to more music from Becky G!


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Police Pull Over Traffic Offenders But Don’t Give Them Tickets… They Give Them Their EXACT Dream Presents On The Spot!!

is amazing! Normally when a citizen of Lowell, Michigan gets pulled over for a minor traffic violation, ’d expect to get a citation.

But instead of giving these people tickets, the cops asked what they or kids really wanted for Christmas.

Many people told tales of their child’s ridiculous request for items outside of their budget, or how replacing a broken electronic would be too expensive.

What they didn’t know is that the cops had secret shoppers with radios on standby in a nearby store. The shoppers would grab the gift the pulled over person wanted and run it out to the cop.

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This is seriously so incredible! They get these people exactly what wanted.

, we’re not just talking dolls and matchbox cars . These cops gave out legit HDTVs, an electric Razor scooter and even a friggin’ Xbox One!!

Those are seriously expensive gifts!!

With the nation’s general distrust of on the rise, this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Check out the video (below) to see how even the police are giving back this holiday season.


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