Humble Justin Bieber Plays Secret Set In Hollywood — Get The EXCLUSIVE Details!

Justin Bieber is used to playing sold-out arena concerts. But the 21-year-old pop star surprised patrons at The Nice Guy lounge in West Friday night with a set. And has from inside ’s performance!

After hiding in the kitchen for half an hour, Justin emerged and took the small corner stage with guitarist Dan Kanter. A bodyguard stood in front preventing anyone from getting too close.

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Wearing a fedora and leather bomber, Justin looked more crooner than pop star. The Biebs sang a set of 4-5 songs, beginning with a cover of NeYo‘s So Sick and his own hit As Long As You Love Me. Later, he tried out his new song Home To Mama, which was appropriate since his mother Patti Mallette was in the audience.

As he left the stage, Justin thanked the crowd and something surprisingly :

“God bless. For those who hate me, just thank you for letting me f-ck it and just play some sh-t.”

Is Justin turning a new leaf? Or is the fact he’s getting roasted this weekend bringing out a humbler side?

Fever’s setting in. #JustinBieber #TheNiceGuy #LA

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀Natalie Perez (@natann37) on Mar 13, 2015 at 11:35pm PDT

An hour after the performance Justin exited the front door where he was greeted by throngs of adoring fans who took photos. Sources who witnessed his performance told us he acted “pretty cool.”

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On person who didn’t stick around for Justin’s performance? Actress Charlize Theron. The actress was dining at The Nice Guy and left before things got crazy.


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EXCLUSIVE! Make And Eat The Same A-List-Worthy Appetizers Served At Elton John’s Oscars Party!

Are you hosting an Oscar party but want to bring it to the next level?

We had an EXCLUSIVE chat with chef Wayne Elias of Crumble Catering over at Rockwell: Table & Stage, and he gave us all the sweet (and savory) deets!

His first creation? Oh, just a Grilled Mascarpone Asian Pear Sandwich. His second idea? Gingered Ahi Tuna Tartar Wonton Chips. Yes, you can officially start salivating! And here’s the best part — you can make these hors d’oeuvres at home yourself with help from these recipe videos!

Chef Wayne has been the Head Creative Chef at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party for the past decade! In fact, this will be his 11th year! That’s right, Crumble Catering will be serving 1,000 A-list guests a five-course meal, via waiter, and this is his third year collaborating on the menu with Gordon Ramsay.

In fact, you can ch-ch-check out the menu (below)!!!

First Course:

Hamachi with Fresno chiles, orange segments, soy vinaigrette and a mango salsa

Second Course:

Vegan curry cauliflower soup with mango chutney and chile oil

Third Course:

Rosemary crusted filet mignon, truffle scalloped potatoes and grilled asparagus in a mustard sauce


Pan-seared seabass on top of a sweet onion puree with champagne and shallots, with a marcona almond gremolata

Fourth Course:

Salad with endive, butter lettuce, radicchio, red leaf lettuce in a hazelnut vinaigrette

Fifth Course:

Eton mess (a traditional English dessert) — meringue dome stuffed with strawberries, whipped cream around the bottom, topped with a painted chocolate disc

Yum! Ch-ch-check out him dishing up the Gingered Ahi Tuna Tartar Wonton Chips (below)!!!


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EXCLUSIVE! Ashley Greene Dishes On Whether She’s Going To See The Twilight-Based 50 Shades Of Grey! Plus, What Is She Rooting For At The Oscars?!

Ashley Greene is living up to her last name for the sake of the environment!

In this EXCLUSIVE clip, we chatted with the beautiful 27-year-old at Global Green USA’s 12th Annual Pre-Oscar Party — which had a very appropriate green carpet!

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Given that it’s awards season, we dished with the actress on what film she is for to win gold at the Oscars!

Also, considering her breakout performance was in Twilight, we wanted to know her thoughts on Fifty Shades Of Grey, which is based off fan fiction of Stephanie Meyer‘s hit series!

Will she see the steamy flick?!

To hear the answers to all of these questions and more, ch-ch-check out the clip (above)!


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EXCLUSIVE! Bella Thorne & The Cast Of The DUFF Rank Robbie Amell’s Make Out Skills And Dish On Their Most Quotable Lines!

We just love the of The !

Recently, we scored an EXCLUSIVE interview with the fabulous Bella Thorne, Amell, and Mae Whitman and we were NOT disappointed!

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Our favorite part of the chat had to be when the cast ranked Robbie’s make-out (above)!

Wowza, Mr.Amell sounds like he has some… talents. Also, we love how Mae joked, “11 out of 100!”

But wait, the hilarity doesn’t end there! The cast revealed most and one them involves a… butt hole.

Check out the lolz (below)!

Man, we can’t wait for the February 20 premiere! The movie looks fun and completely hilarious!

So, what was YOUR fave part of the interviews?


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EXCLUSIVE! Transgender Stars Weigh In On Bruce Jenner’s Transition

Bruce Jenner‘s to womanhood has captivated the public.

And with all the attention comes the inevitable haters.

Zoey Tur, a TV reporter, recently blasted Bruce, claiming the Olympian is in it for the ratings and money instead of being a voice for the trans community. However, we spoke to two prominent transgender who disagree, and even praised for making the journey public.

Dr. Marci Bowers, a transgender woman who performs gender reassignment surgery, supports Bruce and feels some of the media treatment has been unfairly harsh (see‘s position on covering Bruce’s transition):

“So many of the photos have been as harsh and as unflattering as possible, it seems to me. It is challenging to transition at any age, let alone age 65. If you put a camera on Barbara Walters or Cher or any other older person, the results might not always be so pretty either. And, sadly, women are judged by appearance far moreso than men … People may feel a certain way, as I’m sure Bruce did, for many, many years, trying to comply with societal or familial expectations, only to live in misery all those years before finally gaining the courage to move forward as he has done.”

Dr. Bowers praises Bruce’s for standing in the spotlight:

“This is where Bruce is being smart, taking ownership of the story to give it his personal spin and controlling the narrative somewhat. I think he (and soon, she!) is to be in an amazing position to educate many people about what it is to make a gender transition and what it is like as a transgender person. It will be difficult for him to gain any degree of anonymity, unfortunately, but i do think we will get to see a positive side of him and a happier Bruce, perhaps, than we saw previously. I am hopeful that people will realize that Bruce has struggled with this feeling for many years before acting and that he is not acting impulsively or under estrogen influence or any of the other half-baked ignorant theories I have heard put forth.”

B. Scott, a transgender TV personality and blogger, agrees:

“If Bruce does intend to share his story, it be a docuseries or by any other means, I think it’ll be an excellent opportunity to create dialogue and have an open and honest conversation about gender identity and gender expression.”

Scott adds:

“Transitioning is a very personal journey. At the end of the day, only Bruce himself can and should declare his gender identity. Until we hear from Bruce’s own mouth exactly what’s going on, we should all respect his process.”

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Dr. Bowers says respect is key for Bruce’s family, too:

Gender transition is toughest on those around you. My advice to Bruce is exactly that: those closest to him are going to struggle and it will take awhile. But I do think his family will come around, everyone at their own pace. i even have hopes for Kris, for whom it is likely to be the difficult. As for the family, my best advice is to relax! Gender is one of those goofy, odd social constructs that get in the way of everything. Gender is fun but it also shackles people to roles and expectations that are unhealthy at best. Laugh! Nothing like humor to disarm the hardened of attitudes. Love! Remember, the person who is making this amazing journey is someone you used to love and respect. A gender change should not change any of those feelings of warmth and admiration. And finally, the best thing about a public family holding a like this is, there are no secrets to hold! We are going to know everything so there is really nothing to be ashamed of.

Bruce’s journey will certainly be an interesting, one filled with haters and supporters! Hopefully more of the latter!

[Image via Getty Images.]


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EXCLUSIVE! Kelly Osbourne Is The Newly-Crowned Queen Of Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party Palm Springs 2015!!

All hail the !!!

Kelly Osbourne has just been crowned Queen of the 2015 Party in !

Not only will be the guest of honor, but she’ll also be serving as host while using her Fashion Police experience on the red white carpet.

The annual Jeffrey Sanker event will see tens of thousands of gays flock to California this Spring from April 24-27.

The E! personality will be joined by Ariana Grande‘s brother to co-host the weekend’s biggest draw, Saturday night’s party at the Palm Spring Convention Center.

, the ever-lovely Kelly O. only had the kindest things to say about her reign:

“To be crowned Queen of the White Party in a room full of queens is a dream come true. I’ve been blessed my entire life to be surrounded by members of the LGBT family who support me as I support them. I am beyond thrilled and honored; now let’s dance!”

Sounds good to us!

Learn more about the party of the year at

Congrats again, Kelly!

[Image via Jordan Nuttall/The CW Network.]


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