Will Bravo Get To Film Some Of The Next Season Of RHONJ At Teresa Giudice’s Jail?? Find Out What Andy Cohen Has To Say HERE!

With Teresa Giudice currently serving her 15-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, many fans are left wondering if there’s going to be another of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey with or without the 42-year-old.

Well according to ‘s Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Housewives franchise, the odds are looking good.

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The host of Watch What Happens Live said:

“I can’t imagine not filming The Housewives of New Jersey… It’s a big franchise for Bravo, and I think whatever we do, we’re going to do it the right way, so we’re still figuring that out right now.”

With that being said, does mean producers will at Tre’s prison?

Unfortunately, the television personality wasn’t as optimistic.

He said:

“I don’t know the specifics of what they allow, but I can’t see them allowing [filming the show in prison].”

For fans of Miz Giudice, they’re probably going to have to wait till the Skinny Italian author is out of the slammer to see her on the small screen.

However, Mr. Cohen does offer a glimpse of what the network might possibly do.

He dished:

“Anything is possible… There’s a lot of people in New Jersey.”

While it’s hard for us to see the show without , we do appreciate Bravo’s efforts to keep the franchise alive.

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This 3.5-Minute Music Video Only Took FIVE SECONDS To Film?! You GOTTA See This!!

The band is Siska and the song is called Unconditional Rebel. And it’s a catchy one.

But that’s not what’s impressive.

What’s impressive is that their entire three-and-a-half minute was shot in !!

Say whaaaaat?? How is that even possible??

They filmed it with a Phantom 4K camera, shooting at a frame rate of 1,000FPS!! That’s insane!!

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The video featured 80 extras along 80-meters of road. As the extras did their thing, the cameraman rolled by in a car at about 31mph, the Phantom camera hanging out the vehicle, taking 1,000 beautiful, high definition video stills every second.

That’s an absolute miracle of modern technology!

Sure, there’s CG in there (we’re looking at you, flying cat) but it’s still amazing and still just one take.

Check out the video (below) and prepare to lose your mind.


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Kim, Khloé, & Kourtney Film Scenes For Keeping Up With The Kardashians Amidst Rumors That Things Aren’t Great With The Family!

We’re not sure what to think about

As we reported earlier, everything was pretty silent from the Kardashians and Jenners over Thanksgiving, which made us wonder if there were some problems with everyone’s favorite .

Well, it looks as though those can be put to rest, because Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney were all photographed filming a scene for Keeping up with the Kardashians in Woodland Hills, Ca., on Monday.

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The sisters met up for a post-Thanksgiving lunch at Jerry’s Deli, where it’s unclear what 10 drama they talked about, other than the fact that they have somehow lasted for 10 whole seasons on E!

On top of eating food the old school delicatessen, the girls all chose to wear similar outfits, too.

After all, a family that wears white together, doesn’t fight together!

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Ben Affleck Makes Full Frontal Jokes In Front Of A Full House At The Hollywood Film Awards!

Now that everyone has had a chance to see Ben Affleck‘s, erm, equipment in Gone Girl, he’s happy to joke about it!

The actor accepted the Best award on Friday night at the Palladium in Los Angeles, and he proceeded to joke about his peen! He said:

“There are a lot of people to thank but first I want to take this opportunity to thank David Fincher for the way he treated me. In particular, we had a shower scene in the and David assured me – because trust is essential with directors and actors – ‘Listen, if we tilt down we’ll never go far enough to see anything. So, thank you David.’ I’d like to thank you for keeping the set cool because if you’re going to have one chance for America to see your junk, you want it to be cold. It’s a gift.”

LOLz! Oh, Ben!

And not to make it awkward or anything, but his ex Jennifer Lopez was sitting right there in the crowd! Then again, he wasn’t saying anything she probably didn’t already know! Ha!

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It’s Getting Serious! Patrick Schwarzenegger Takes Miley Cyrus Out To Support His Mom At Her Film Q&A Session!

Looks like things are heating up between Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger!

The two young celebs have reportedly been quietly dating for a while, and it appears as if they’re slowly bringing their budding relationship out into the limelight.

They’ve been seen out together quite a few times now!

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Miles and and her man were spotted a little cozy at the Still Alice Q&A at ’s Egyptian Theatre on Wednesday evening!

They were both accompanied by ’s mother Maria Shriver, who is the executive producer on the film, and his sister Katherine! It was like a family affair plus !

The Wrecking Ball singer was seen showing PDA with Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son. There was one point in the night where Patrick even rested his head on Miley’s shoulder!

It’s only a matter of time before the public hand holding begins!

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The Real Life Folks Whom Inspired The New Movie Pride Are As Inspiring As The Film Is Supposed To Be!!!

They were amazing back then and so now!

The new Pride features an extraordinary relationship between a London LGBT group and a group of striking British miners in the year 1984, and the reviews have thrown the word inspiring around since it’s been screened.

Well, at the Toronto International Film Festival three of the people who were the inspiration for inspiring allowed a lot of folks to get to know them!

Those three are Jonathan Blake, Siân James and Mike Jackson – Mike was the co-founder of the group Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, Siân was a miner’s wife who is now a member of parliament, and Jonathan was protestor along with Mike Jackson!

’s what James said about the relationship between the two parties:

“It’s a romance between two communities who got to know each other and realized there wasn’t a lot of difference between them. The common thread was it was a group of people telling us they had been oppressed for many years … We discovered quickly we had more similarities [than differences].”

The group that Mike Jackson co-founded were originally intrigued when the miners put out a call that they needed help and the LGBT group then raised money and helped the miners and their community in Dulais Valley, in South Wales.

And that began a bond that lasted a long time!

Here’s what Mike Jackson said about his past efforts’ impact:

“In the U.K., you can actually draw a line right back to October 1985 and the National Union of Mineworkers announcing it was going to support the lesbian and gay motion for equalities. We thought we were supporting the miners, but in retrospect, what we were supporting was something far more precious.”

And Jonathan Blake admits the movie was a bit disheartening to watch since he’s lost so many friends since then. He said:

“One of the that just welled up in me watching the film was all the people that aren’t here, that we’ve lost [to AIDS]. I had to get through that. It wasn’t until the second time I saw the film that I could watch and enjoy and savor it. It is astonishing.”

We’re definitely going to see this movie, and knowing all of this beforehand should make the viewing experience even better!!!

But this wasn’t the press these three have done recently!!!

Check out three other interviews from these three wonderful folks down (below) !!!

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