Let George Clooney Show You More Of The Magical World Of The Future In The Second Full Trailer For Disney’s Tomorrowland!

He can you the . The of tomorrow that is!

Let George Clooney be your guide as you take a journey from the plain old regular world to an amazing place where dreams come true!

And you don’t even have to be a gorgeous human rights lawyer!

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Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see than ever of Disney‘s Tomorrowland!


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So Sad! Terminally Ill Police Dog Given Full Honors Before Being Put Down!

Judge was a K-9, who worked out of the West Deptford Department.

He’s a retired working dog and a real hero. Sadly, he’s also dying, suffering from complications from Cushings Disease.

His handler, Cpl. Michael Franks, said:

“Judge and I had such overwhelming and positive support that day. Though Judge was extremely lethargic and could barely walk the days the ceremony, he was able to bite onto his favorite protective decoy arm sleeve used in training and carry it into the hospital.”

That is the cutest, most tear-jerkiest thing we’ve ever heard.

Not only did police line the streets to salute the K-9 as he walked past, the whole staff of the animal hospital stood for Judge.

Judge had an almost seven-year career with the West Deptford PD. He would help with finding drugs, and tracking/apprehending suspects.

This hero dog led to so much good! The West Deptford Police said:

“Because of K-9 Judge’s fearless service, 152 suspects were arrested for criminal offenses, 3 motor vehicles were seized, 3 handguns were taken off of the streets, countless amounts of drugs were seized, and over ,000 is currency were taken from people involved in illegal activity. This doesn’t even take into account the amount of positive interactions K-9 Judge had with our children and members of our community during demonstrations and events.”

It’s so sad that Judge got so sick.

His condition became near unbearable and that’s when it was decided to euthanize the hero dog.

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We’re sad he had to go, but we’re so glad they gave him a send-off with .

R.I.P. – Judge

[Image via Facebook.]


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Jeremy Renner’s Estranged Wife Says He Lives In A House Full Of Guns — And That’s Why She Wants Primary Custody Of Their Child!

For Jeremy Renner and his Sonni Pacheco, are definitely a-blazin’!

As we reported last December, the Avengers star and his spouse split after only 10 months of marriage.

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Well now, she is demanding of their 22-month-old daughter, Ava, and it’s because the 44-year-old’s house is of firearms!

According to legal documents, the Oscar nominee has a vast gun collection and claims that one of the weapons is out in the open. Furthermore, his pool is not properly fenced!

She’s claiming that this environment is dangerous and not suitable for an infant!

The Canadian model is also seeking support, attorney fees, and other legal expenses — which she’s justifying due to the fact that Mr. Renner made .5 million in 2014 and has million in assets.

However, sources close to the actor say he’s been fully cooperative with Sonni’s demands, and that she is simply doing this to make the divorce expensive.

Regardless, we wish these two would settle their differences peacefully for the sake of their daughter!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online/WENN.]


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​Lea Michele Is Full Of Glee For Her Let It Go Performance! Watch!

when we think we can’t love Lea Michele any , she goes and does this!

Glee fans were already emotional about the final season premiere of favorite , and it was everything! While the entire cast did a great job, Lea ’s of Let It Go was just fantastic!

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Such a hard song to sing, but not if you’re Miz Lea!

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention newcomer Noah Guthrie slaying his cover of Mustang Sally (below), because it was brazilliant!

Ch-ch-check out the performances and tell us what you think!


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Paul Rudd Is Buff, Shirtless, And — Oh Yeah, TINY In The First Full Trailer For Ant-Man! Watch HERE!

Paul Rudd may not actually be able to lift 100 times his own weight — but he can steal a million hearts all at once!

But at least he made it up to us by taking off his shirt!

[ Photos: First Look At A SERIOUSly Sexy Paul Rudd In Ant-Man! ]

Ch-ch-check out the -SIZED for Ant-Man (above)!

Marvel’s smallest superhero hits the big screen July 17!


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Lea Michele’s Let It Go Is Perfect Just Like Her! Listen To The Full Version HERE!

Lea Michele is such an all-star!

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We already pretty much flipped out over the promo for Glee‘s upcoming final season that had Lea singing Let It Go!

But the of the song? Our ears are officially in heaven or Arendelle!

Ch-ch-check out the complete rendition (below)!!!

returns to FOX on January 9, 2015


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