10-Year-Old Twin Girls Perform The Most Incredible Sam Smith Medley EVER On The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Holy crap! These two are SO effing talented!

Ellen DeGeneres always finds the AH-MAZING people to come on to her !

10-year-old twins Abby and Sarah stopped by The Ellen Show to a of Sam Smith songs and we’re SO blown away from them!

[ Video: EXCLUSIVE! Nicole Scherzinger Covers Sam Smith! ]

Seriously! They’re ! We bet Sam would be PROUD that they would choose his songs to sing!

Ch-ch-check out the seriously girls belt out his songs (above)!!!


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HBO’s Girls Had Smallest Season Premiere EVER! No Amount Of Butt-Eating Could Change It!

HBO‘s hit may have just been renewed for a fifth but that doesn’t it’s necessarily doing all that well!

The show just had its season !

This past Sunday, when Girls aired, 680,000 viewers tuned in! That seems like a whole lotta people …except that number is down 40% from last year’s premiere!!

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Granted, the Golden Globes also aired that night. But ooo… that’s gotta hurt.

Even with the premiere’s big anilingus scene starring Allison Williams, it still wasn’t enough to draw higher numbers.

We guess no of butt-eating save the ratings.

We’re afraid to even guess at how far the show will go to get better ratings for the next premiere! Hold onto your butts! LOLz!


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Lacey Chabert LOVED Hanging With These Mean Girls Co Stars At Their Reunion! But Which Star Did She Very Noticeably NOT Mention?!

“So much fun!”

That’s how Chabert described on Thursday the reunion that took place a couple of months ago.

But while Lacey did name drop a couple of her co-stars, many have noticed the one name that she conspicuously did NOT say.

In the interview, Lacey talked about that November reunion and how she loved seeing Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried again.

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However, as you might have noticed, Lindsay Lohan was definitely not mentioned in the “loved seeing” category.

’s what Lacey said:

“Rachel, Amanda and I getting together — it was so lovely to reconnect again. We email and text. the shoot, it was like we got back together again. So we decided to catch up on each other’s lives.”

And while Tina Fey was also not mentioned by Lacey Chabert – that omitted name is easier to explain since , who wrote the screenplay for the film, only had a small part in the actual movie. It wasn’t like she was a mean girl or anything, but most definitely was!

However these interviews are sometimes so tedious and draining – it could be possible that Lindsay’s name just slipped Lacey’s mind and the omission was not done purposefully.

But we’re not convinced that’s what happened here although we doubt Lindsay will this possible slight anytime soon.

She’s usually pretty occupied with her own life!


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A Little Girl’s Postcard To Her Grandmother Gets Delivered THREE DECADES After It Was Sent!

We guess there’s a reason they call it snail mail!!

Little Joanne Selby had always made an effort to send her grandmother postcards whenever she traveled, so when she and her family went on vacation to Nefyn in Wales, she made sure to send a letter!

The only problem is her grandma never got the letter, and that’s probably because it wasn’t until more than 30 years later!!!

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Sadly, Joanne (who now goes by Joanne Flemming) says her grandmother passed before the letter ever got to her. However, she says she’s currently living in her old house and was SHOCKED when they letter turned up on her doorstep:

“I came in from work and it had been posted through my door. It was my address, but because of the woman’s name I thought it must be one of my neighbors at first. When I had a closer look I saw it had been posted in Wales dated 1984. It is in perfect condition so I have no where it has been. It does not look like it has been passed from pillar to post, it is immaculate. It looks almost new.”

Luckily, Joanne seemed to find the whole story pretty amusing, but there was ONE thing she wasn’t about:

“I’m embarrassed by my spelling. Thankfully that has improved. I think my nine year old daughter do better.”

Ha! We’ll let it slide this time considering you were only 10 when you wrote this letter in the first place!

It’s still unclear why it took so long for the postcard to be delivered, but we’re guessing Joanne is happy she can just stick with much more reliable emails days!


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Channing Tatum Is Happy To Be One Of The Girls In Honor Of Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Birthday! See The Adorable & Hysterical Pic HERE!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum is one lucky girl!

For ’s 34th birthday this past Wednesday, Channing Tatum treated his wife AND himself to a relaxing pedicure!

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Aww, what a good hubby!

To commemorate the outing, Mrs. took a hilarious snap of the couple soaking feet while they patiently waited to be pampered.

The actress captioned the cute pic:

“It’s my birthday and hubby does what I want him to.”

That’s right, b-day girl!

Check out the sweet moment (below)!

We just love everything about this photo! While Channing looks a bit uncomfortable awaiting his pedi, we bet he enjoyed the quality time with his wife!

birthday, Jenna!

[Image via WhoSay/WENN.]


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Lindsay Lohan Pitched Tina Fey An Idea For A Mean Girls Sequel — And It’s Not Half Bad!

Lindsay Lohan, you are getting our hopes up!

The cult favorite,  , celebrated its 10 year anniversary back in April and fans are still hopeful for a !

Even is pushing for a follow-up film to the HIGHlarious classic!

[ Photos: Movies That Didn't Need Sequels (But Got Them Anyway) ] 

Cady Heron, erm, LiLo revealed in an interview that she actually an for a sequel to Tina Fey!

She said: 

“People really love the movie: how do you top that? I was with Fey the other day and I said we should do another Mean Girls, like an older version where they’re all housewives and they’re all cheating. That would be really funny. I’ll harass Tina to write it.”

It’s going to be REALLY hard to top such a great movie, but hey! We aren’t doubting the former SNL funny woman’s writing talents!

If 21 Jump Street can create an AH-Mazing sequel, so can Mean Girls!


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