Kim Kardashian Admits Getting Pregnant The Second Time Around Ain’t ‘Easy’, But She’s Determined To Give Baby North A Sibling!

After Nori‘s tantrum at her daddy’s Adidas show earlier this month, you’d assume Kim Kardashian West would think twice about having kids.

It’s actually quite the opposite!

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According to the reality TV star on iTV‘s Lorraine, Kim told host Ross King that she and husband Kanye West are struggling to conceive another child, but, ’re not giving up hope!

The 34-year-old also confessed that viewers will get an intimate look at her pregnancy journey on this upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

Kris Jenner‘s daughter dishes:

“[The show will] follow my journey of trying to get pregnant for the time, which has proven to not be as easy as the first time, but we’re working on it.”

Working on it?! Sounds like Kiki and Yeezy are doing some insane hanky panky!

However, after their baby-making sessions are over, the social media personality says that the rapper is an AH-Mazing father!

“He’s very hands-on. He’s just a great dad and he loves her [Nori] so much!”

And just exactly how many children do they want? Well, according to Miz , the sky’s the limit:

“I always about six [kids]… After having her [Nori], I would have a million…”

In that case, Kim and Kanye better stock up on diapers!

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Woman Caught Masturbating During 50 Shades Of Grey & The Cops Give Her EXACTLY What She Wanted

We should all be so lucky when arrested. LOLz!

A in Sinaloa, western Mexico was enjoying Fifty Shades of Grey a little bit too much in the theater. While the film was playing, the 33-year-old was playing with herself in the 12th row.

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Then, instead of depriving her of any roughness, the decided to arrest her for masturbation, and cuff her, nearly completing the fantasy she was trying to live out anyway!

So, some might say this law breaker had a happy ending!

The biggest mystery, of course, is how she was caught the sound of everyone else — it was a showing of Fifty , after all! HA!


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Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran Give An Earth-Shattering 9-Minute Long Performance In Honor Of Stevie Wonder At His Grammys Special!

Not that we’ve ever questioned it, but Beyoncé can really put on a !

Queen Bey was tasked with opening the : Songs In The Key Of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute on Monday night, and then she continued to sing for a whole nine minutes!

[ Video: Ariana Grande At The Stevie Wonder Grammys Special ]

But Bey wasn’t alone… Ed Sheeran stopped by to make sure the Grammys intro went on without a hitch.

The duo really got the crowd going, and we can tell that were truly, musically-inspired by Stevie.

Ch-ch-check out Beyoncé and Ed kick off the CBS special (above)!!!


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Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, And More Come Out To Give Cody Simpson A Birthday Celebration He’ll Never Forget!

This is one way to celebrate your 18th !

Every famous child star you ever knew came out to celebrate Cody Simpson‘s big 18th birthday bash this past weekend!

Okay, maybe not EVERY famous child star, but some of the notable ones are, oh, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, just to name a few!

The Surfboard singer went all out for the big 1-8 with TWO shindigs!

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The day before his actual birthday, the seXXXy Aussie celebrated with all his pals at The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood!

Then on Sunday for his furrreal b-day, had a more laid back bash in Malibu with his family and close friends.

While Selena Gomez was NOT in attendance — she was probably trying to avoid because, you know, Zelena! — she sent the birthday boy a sweet message on Instagram, writing:

Happiest of birthdays to bubba and such an incredible person. Love you inside out @codysimpson -here’s to more ☺

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Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!

The fertility gods have blessed us!

There are quite a few due to in 2015.

Which is really awesome if you’re into that sort of thing, and we know from our stats that you are! LOLz!

So don’t even pretend you’re not dying to click through this gallery!


CLICK HERE to see the gallery “Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “Celebrities Due To Give Birth In 2015!”


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Police Pull Over Traffic Offenders But Don’t Give Them Tickets… They Give Them Their EXACT Dream Presents On The Spot!!

This is amazing! Normally when a citizen of Lowell, Michigan gets pulled for a minor traffic violation, they’d expect to get a citation.

But instead of giving these people tickets, the asked what they or kids really wanted for Christmas.

Many people told tales of their child’s ridiculous request for items outside of their budget, or how replacing a broken electronic would be too expensive.

What they didn’t know is that the cops had secret shoppers with radios on standby in a nearby store. The shoppers would grab the EXACT gift the pulled over person wanted and run it out to the cop.

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This is seriously so incredible! They get these people exactly what wanted.

Like, we’re not just talking dolls and matchbox cars here. These cops gave out legit HDTVs, an electric Razor scooter and even a friggin’ Xbox One!!

Those are seriously expensive gifts!!

With the nation’s general distrust of on the rise, this couldn’t have at a better .

Check out the video (below) to see how even the police are giving back this holiday season.


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