Madonna Gives A Lengthy Interview To Howard Stern About All Things Rebel Heart!

Madonna sure has been on a media kick recently!

To promote her latest album , the 56-year-old singer has been pulling out the stops to get her new music out there as much as possible, and we’re not complaining!

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She hit up Howard Stern on Wednesday to chat everything from her humble beginnings to her reign as Queen of Pop.

Ch-ch-check out the in its entirety (below)!!!

[Image via /Instagram.]


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Rosie O’Donnell Gives Her Fans A More Personal Explanation As To Why She’s Leaving The View! Watch Her Heartfelt Video Message HERE!

Ever since Rosie O’Donnell announced she was once again leaving The View, people have been trying to figure out why.

Even though was open about her health concerns in red carpet interviews, wanted .

Why wouldn’t she talk about it on The itself??

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It may just be that her audience is used to the dialogue that the show provides, and they wanted a bit more of that for closure.

Though Rosie still refuses to discuss the elephant in the room on TV, she did accommodate her fans with a personal video, giving a more in-depth explanation of her exit.

the whole heartfelt message (below)!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]


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Nikki Reed Gives Fiancé Ian Somerhalder The Sweetest Thing To Wish Him Luck On His Directorial Debut!

Awwe! This is literally the EVER!

Ian Somerhalder is getting ready for his on an episode of Vampire Diaries and fiancée Nikki Reed just had to do something special to commemorate this moment in time!

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Sooo… she baked him a cake with strawberries and a loving message!

He shared the sweet gesture his soon-to-be wife made on Instagram and thanked everyone in his life for their support.

He wrote:

The best thing to come home to! Wow, thank you you amazing @iamnikkireed -it’s true. I start DIRECTING episode 616 of The Vampire Diaries tomorrow!!! I definitely need all the luck I can get! Send me great vibes tomorrow everyone… Also, THANK YOU to all that made this happen: Warner Brothers, The CW,our producers all of you-thank you.Thank you also to the most amazing group of artisans that is the CREW of The Vampire Diaries-you are the UNSUNG HEROES of what people see on their screens! You are my brothers, my sisters-my family. I Love you all. Wow. I’m a lucky lucky boy. Love Ian&Damon S

Uma foto publicada por iansomerhalder (@iansomerhalder) em Jan 21, 2015 at 7:07 PST

Looks muy delicioso!!

If Ian got a yummy cake for something this big, we wonder how the couple celebrated their recent engagement.

Maybe with some seXXXy time?? icon wink Nikki Reed Gives Fiancé Ian Somerhalder The Sweetest Thing To Wish Him Luck On His Directorial Debut!

Good , Ian!! We cannot wait to see the finished product!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]


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President Barack Obama Gives His 6th State Of The Union Address & Makes History In The Process!

“We are a strong, tight-knit family who has made it through some very, very hard times.”

The of The annually marks the living up to his duty to publicly America and touch upon issues that are pertinent to the country.

And 2015 was no different as President Barack Obama gave a storied speech discussing all matters, ranging from economy and job creation to health and human services.

Plus, for the first time in American … the White House actually released a copy of the President’s speech ahead of the televised address in order to appease journalists and to utilize modern technology.

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But that wasn’t the instance of modern-day tech making its way into the address:

President even made it a point to fight against not only physical threats, but cyber-attacks as well.

Call us crazy, but that sounds like he’s talking about the Sony Hacks and The Interview cancellations to us!

Ch-ch-check out the most emotional parts of President Obama’s speech (above)!!!


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​EXCLUSIVE! Betty Who Gives Us A Sneak Peek At Her New All Of You Video!

Is there anything better than sneaking a at ?!

Luckily, Betty Who is amazing and gave us a look at her new music for All Of You!

[ Video: You'll LOVE Betty Who's Colorful New Music Video! Watch Somebody Loves You HERE! ]

We already know the music sounds brazilliant, and we can already tell she’s making the video just as great! Duh! Just look at these pics!

The video is coming out Monday on Vevo, so be on the lookout!


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Woman Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Only ONE HOUR After Finding Out She’s Pregnant — But The Nuts Part Is How BIG The Kid Is!!

This is so cray!!

Katie Kropas, 23, from Weymouth, Massachusetts ended up at the hospital due to stomach cramps.

We bet the last thing she expected was to hear she was in labor!!

Even crazier… she gave an after out she was !!

Her baby wasn’t even premature or anything! Katie gave birth to a , 10-pound baby girl.

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That’s right, this had a 10-pound child inside her and she had no idea.

How is it possible she didn’t know? The only pregnancy symptom she actually had was swollen feet, which she attributed to her 50-hour workweek as a caterer.

What’s even crazier is she was apparently on birth control the whole time and even had a pretty regular period!! (Which is apparently not unheard of.)

Check out the (below) to learn this surprising story and see her cute baby!

[Image via NECN.]


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