Ariana Grande + Starbucks = You Need To See This!!!

It’s Ariana Grande and in one hilarious AwesomenessTV video!

— played by Paulina Cerrilla — just wants to get her caffeine on.

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But a clueless barista — Jack Baran — can’t figure out the difference between her last name and the Starbucks “medium.”

What’s even funnier is Ari’s words are often misunderstood, but it’s not her lack of enunciation that does her in this time.

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It’s a spoof on the classic Who’s On First skit, and it’s pretty funny.

Ch-ch-check it out, above!


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Ariana Grande Has Something To Tell Santa At A Very Grammy Christmas!

Hear that, Mariah?

That’s how you perform a Christmas song!

Ariana Grande opened up CBSA Very Grammy Christmas special with a cheerful performance of her new song Me.

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And while the singing was just as breathy as usual, Ariana looked like she was actually having fun wrapping those presents.

Nice job, Ari!

Ch-ch-check out Ariana’s sure-to-be Christmas classic (above)!!!


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Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Sia, & More Artists Take To Twitter To Celebrate Their Grammy Nominations!

And just like that, award season is officially upon us!

morning, music lovers and artists alike woke up to the excitement of seeing which artists would be battling it out at the 57th Annual Grammys!

Well needless to say, everyone Ariana Grande to Pharrell was excited to see names pop up as nominees, and most of them took to Twitter to share their excitement with the world and thank all of their loyal fans for their support!

Ariana Grande Performs A Medley Of Problem & Love Me Harder With The Weeknd! Watch HERE!

Ariana Grande performed a stripped-down version of her hit song Problem at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, and it was .

That’s the best way we can describe it. She took her upbeat single and made it sound like all the other music she has that isn’t quite as popular.

But there was some good news, her performance ended up being a and she also sang Me Harder with The , and that’s where things got good!

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We’re not terribly used to seeing him perform live, but we would like to see that change cause he was really great!

Plus, his hair was pretty cray, so that was fun.

Ch-ch-check out Ariana’s AMAs performance (above)!!!


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Ariana Grande & Big Sean Can’t Stop Touching Each Other While Performing At A Very GRAMMY Christmas!

They are in luuuurrrve and they want the whole world to know it!

Ariana Grande was one of the featured at A Very GRAMMY in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and she brought a very special someone with her — boyfriend Big Sean!

He came out to help her perform Best Mistake, and things got verrry romantical between the two.

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Once Sean hit the stage, Miz kept fondling his jacket’s lapel. But they eventually gave up on that in favor of holding hands and lost in each other’s eyes!!

We would usually say get a room, but we don’t even want that.

Keep grossing everyone out with your cuteness, guys!!

[Image via Getty Images.]


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Ariana Grande Has Been Getting Super Creepy Gifts From A Super Fan! Find Out What He’s Been Sending The Starlet HERE!

It was only a matter of time before Ariana Grande entered the ranks of celebs who’ve received creepy gifts fans.

While it’s nowhere near as scary as having a stalker INSIDE your home like Sandra Bullock experienced earlier year, it’s still pretty damn creepy!

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The Me Harder singer received a number of packages from a 29-year-old super fan from Lowell, Massachusetts.

Inside those packages contained:

– 42.5 pound pumpkin
– 8 Yankee candles
– Dog and cat calendars
– 3-piece mirror set from Kmart
– 0 anklet from Kay Jewelers
– Rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Eep! Those are some pretty weird gifts. Who sends a super heavy pumpkin in the mail to a celeb??

After all those gifts, Ari’s record label complained to the police, which lead to the Five-0 paying a visit to Tim Normandin‘s home.

It’s being reported that the authorities told Tim to stop packages to the starlet or he’d be charged with criminal harassment.

It srsly doesn’t sound like he’s going to stop any time soon until he gets what he wants!

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]


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