Harry Styles Takes Some Time Away From His 1D Boys To Grab Some Dinner With His Mommy!!!

He’s a momma’s boy and he’s proud of it!!!

Harry Styles of One Direction fame recently took a break the world tour he’s been on to spend quality with his adoring mum Anne Cox. The two were spotted past Friday as they went out to together!

Awww!!! And they looked so cute together!!

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The two seemed to enjoy the time they shared with one another in the U.K. in Cheshire where the two went out for some drinks at the Knutsford Wine Bar.

There’s nothing like getting hammered with your folks and Harry seemed to be having the most delicious time with his beautiful momma!

And looking at Harry’s mum it’s easy to see where he got his good looks from!

And what that suede bomber jacket that Harry is rocking here! We guess his mother passed on some good taste, too!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]


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Harry Potter’s Robbie Coltrane Hospitalized After Flight! Oh No, Not Hagrid!

Blimey! Feel better, Hagrid!

Harry Potter‘s had to be immediately hospitalized a London to Orlando on Thursday.

To be clear, he was not flying on a motorcycle. was an airplane we’re talking here, Muggles.

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Apparently, the actor experienced severe flu-like symptoms during the flight! Oh no!

Robbie was met by paramedics at the gate when the plane landed, and they took him right to the hospital. It was not St. Mungo’s.

Robbie was arriving in Orlando to attend a Harry Potter convention, and was on the same flight as Michael Gambon.

However, someone on Twitter claims to have seen Robbie drinking heavily in a London airport lounge prior to getting onboard the plane.

Whether that’s true or not, we wish a speedy recovery to Robbie!


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Harry Styles Finally Comments On A Fake Report That He Had An Affair With Barack Obama!

is truly a matter of national security.

The most reputable news source in the land, The National Enquirer, has made a lot of crazy assertions in the past.

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However, one such claim that they DIDN’T make was asserting that our President Barack Obama had sex with Harry Styles (despite our deepest wishes that this tryst DID happen).

The now viral front page that claims our commander in chief banged this One Direction heartthrob is (regrettably) a hoax.

However, in case you’re wondering if there was any truth to this headline, decided to break his silence and comment on these false (and ) allegations:

“I honestly have no idea what you’re talking . I’ve heard good ones in my , but that’s interesting.”

Whoa, looks like Harry learned about the Bill of Rights, he’s totally pleading the fifth!

But no, while this fake story might make for some great fanfic, we’re glad the President is focused on leading the country, and not boning Harry.

[Image via Twitter.]


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Is Taylor Swift’s Song Out Of The Woods About Harry Styles? Here’s Some Evidence To Convince You!!

So, Taylor Swift just released a new called Out of the Woods and it’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

It’s so brilliant, in fact, that she currently holds the #1 AND #2 spot on the charts on iTunes!

However, the big question regarding the song and what everyone in the world is just DYING to know is… who is the song ??

Well, we’ve got an answer. Not just speculation, a definitive answer for y’all.

It’s Harry Styles.

How do we know?

Well, for one, the lyrics of the song point out a pretty obvious connection between the One Direction singer and Swifty.

T. Swift sings:

Last December, we were built to fall apart Then fall back together Your necklace hanging my neck The night we couldn’t quite forget When we decided To move the furniture so we could dance Baby, like we stood a chance Two paper airplanes flying, flying…

Two paper airplanes! So obvious! See?

The picture (above) helps to prove point!

is pictured wearing a paper plane necklace back in April of 2012. Showing that it’s his necklace, right?

Well, the picture of Swifty is from when she was rumored to be dating Harry back in 2012 and she’s WEARING HIS NECKLACE!

So, if you put two and two together, it’s DEFINITELY about Harry!

What do YOU think? Do YOU think it’s about the 1D hottie?

[Image via WENN.]


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Prince Harry Cancels His Dirty 30 Birthday Party Because Of Kate Middleton’s Illness!

Talk the most thoughtful brother-in-law ever!

Prince Harry is about to turn 30 years old, aka the Dirty 30, but he’s not ready to celebrate if his whole family can’t be a part of it!

Since Kate Middleton is suffering severe morning sickness, has decided to postpone the fete, it would be “inappropriate.”


Harry’s actual is on Monday, but he’d planned a small party with friends at Prince William and ’s Kensington Palace apartment for tonight.

A source revealed:

“Harry was in no doubt that the party should be postponed, though 30 is an important milestone. Kate had been very involved in organising Harry’s party, and once she fell ill he felt it wrong to let the event go ahead.”

The good news is that Harry has promised his friends that he’ll throw another post-birthday party when it’s appropriate.

Oh, and we’re sure that the fact he inherits ,264,500 from Princess Diana‘s estate on his birthday will soften the blow as well.

[Image via WENN.]


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Daniel Radcliffe Reveals One Detail About Harry Potter That NO ONE Knows! Not Even J.K. Rowling Knew This!

We guess Rowling‘s version of Harry Potter is different the movie version of Potter?

Well, that’s what Daniel Radcliffe is saying anyway…

The What/If star revealed one thing about your favorite boy wizard that no one has ever known.

Not even the author of the books who created the iconic character fun fact!

He said:

‘[He] didn’t really need glasses. That was just a fashion statement.’

Uhhhhhh. What??? That may be true for Daniel and glasses, but definitely not for Harry Potter.

Like, ya know, the where he character uses polyjuice potion to turn into 6 Harrys and Hermoine on how bad his eyesight is?

Plus, we’re not entirely sure that the Dursleys would buy glasses for Harry that he didn’t need!

But, hey, guess the fans, J.K., and everyone else don’t know what Daniel does! LOL!


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