Josh Groban Talks His New Album, His New TOUR And… Battles Nick Lachey??

Did you know that Josh Groban is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Well he is, and guess what… he just dropped some amazing news while on Good Morning America

He’s got a new coming out April 28th, called Stages! We’re already sure it’s the best thing ever.

He also announced he’s going on !!

is going to travel this wonderful nation, hitting “some really great old theaters around the country.”

He even premiered the music video for his track What I Did For – which you can HERE.

Then, once all of his exciting news was out, Josh was roped into battling Nick Lachey!

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It was a musical battle of wits, it was random as hell and we though it was hilarious!

Check out the videos (below) to hear all of Josh’s amazing announcements and then watch him battle !!


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Aww! Fergie Shares A Sweet Anniversary Snap With Josh Duhamel!

Happy you two lovebirds!!!

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have made it through a lot, and now it’s time to celebrate six years of marriage!

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The singer shared this pic (above) of the newlyweds on their special day, and said:

“Married 6 years tomorrow! #flashbackfriday 2009#happyanniversary”

They look like they haven’t even aged a day!!!

and tied the knot at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu, and since then have made quite the life for themselves, including the addition of baby Axl Jack!

We can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for these entertainers!

[Image via Instagram.]


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Josh Duhamel Attempts To Impress The Paparazzi By Climbing Over A Barricade But Lands On His Butt Instead! Ouch!

Get a hold of yourself, man!

We have no idea why Josh Duhamel decided to act a fool in front of the , but we will admit it was a good laugh! LOLz!

Fergie‘s baby daddy attempted to jump a barricade outside of the Clippers vs. Lakers game on Wednesday night, but he somehow lost his footing and fell on the pavement!

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But no worries, just a minor scratches on the actor! He got up after he fell, brushed himself off, and walked towards the entrance of the arena!

Maybe be a little more careful time, ? Or take the walkway often traveled by avid sports goers?

[Image via Ginsburg Spaly/Pacific Coast News Online.]


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​Frozen’s Josh Gad Could Be The Next Roger Ebert… On The Silver Screen!

This sounds like an excellent choice!

‘s star Gad is rumored to be in line to play Ebert in a new indie movie the film critic’s life, titled Russ & Roger Go Beyond.

If casted, Gad will play opposite Will Ferrell, who signed on last August, which be a HIGHlarious pairing! Also, the actors have both worked together recently, along with Kevin Hart, in Get Hard and The Wedding Ringer. Jonah Hill was originally up for the job, but those didn’t go far.

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The rumor started when producer David Permut let the casting decision slip in Palm Springs over the weekend, and other sources have said that Gad is the producers’ top choice for the role.

There’s no director yet and Saturday Night Live‘s Christopher Cluess wrote the script, so we’re guessing this indie film is going to be magic!

As for the plot, the story follows Roger and filmmaker Russ Meyer‘s journey into making Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Russ hired Roger as the screenwriter after Russ read a positive review Roger wrote about one of his films.

Proving that flattery will get you everywhere! LOLz!

It follows their journey to make the film, as well as to fight the film’s X-rating. When Meyer died in 2004, they were still good friends. Ebert passed away in 2013.

Sounds like it’s going to be awesome! Hopefully this casting rumor is the real deal!

[Image via WENN.]


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Frozen Star Josh Gad Wants Jimmy Kimmel To Be Olaf For Halloween SO BADLY That He Is Singing About It! Watch HERE!

Do you want to be a snowman??!

Gad Jimmy Kimmel to be a snow man — particularly, his character from .

[ Photos: Celebrities Are Celebrating Halloween Early! ]

While admittedly HATES dressing up for Halloween, Josh does make a convincing argument with a sweet serenade!

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!!!


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Odd Couple Alert! Kat Dennings & Josh Groban Are Totally Dating And We Love It!!

We didn’t see this one coming!!

Josh Groban and Two Broke Girls Kat made their red carpet debut as a at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills on Saturday — looking completely cozy and adorable in matching black ensems!

One source revealed they were extra cutesy for the cameras:

“They were so cute together! They were adorable on the carpet. She was whispering in his ear a lot and they seemed really happy.”

[ Photos: Weird Celeb Couples! ]

On Sunday, the actress also uploaded a similar to her Instagram account, sweetly captioning and confirming her relationship status with:

“I ship it.”


We know this duo might seem random, but is known just as much for his humor as he is for !

Before they linked up, Mr. Groban was said to have dated January Jones and Katy Perry — while Kat was flinging with actor Zano.

Past aside, we thing #Kosh makes so much sense because they’re both hilar humans!

[Image via Getty Images.]


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