President Obama Just Took Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets To A Whole ‘Nother Level!

Mean has always been our favorite part of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but Thursday ’s episode really outdid itself.

That’s because President Barack Obama stopped by the late night talk show to see what Twitter really thinks of him!

How many politicians would agree to subject themselves to that?

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We’ve seen a ton of versions of the Mean Tweets sketch, but this Presidential take on the classic has to be our favorite yet! Thankfully we have the First Amendment!

Ch-ch-check it out and decide for yourself (below)!!!


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Did *NSYNC Just Confirm A Saturday Night Live Reunion?!

We are hours away from the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, and there’s one surprise guest that caught people off guard…


The group to their Twitter to announce the , saying:

zOMG!!! That’s not the most official of confirmations, but it’s pretty good, right?! And why else would they nod to their 1997 hit Together Again?!

And besides, we already know Justin Timberlake is there cooking up some laughs, so why not get the band back together again?!

Now we are even more anxious for the show!!!


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Kourtney Kardashian Has Just ’14 Stubborn Pounds’ Of Baby Weight Left To Lose! You Can Do It!

Kourtney Kardashian‘s post- body is looking AH-Mazing!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians gave birth to her third baby, Reign, in December, and now she’s on a mission to her baby !

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That’s right, according to a recent Instagram post, she has “14 to sweat off!

’s her post that she shared via social media:

14 stubborn pounds to go. Let’s go!

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Which Orange Is The New Black Star Just Got Engaged?!

Congrats you, jailbirds… uh, we love birds!

That’s right, Lea Delaria, the actress who plays Big Boo on Orange is the New Black, is officially going to get hitched to her own boo, Chelsea Fairless!

When did the proposal go down? Oh, right after Lea won a SAG Award as part of OITNB‘s ensemble cast!

’s how Lea described that :

“We met through . Her dear friend plays Leanne on the show. She introduced us and we’ve been together ever since. It’s been two and a half years. I proposed to her. Everyone saw how emotional I was at the SAG awards. I was so filled with love. I turned to her at the Netflix party that night and asked her to marry me. We announced it to all of our friends there. We’ve keep it pretty hush-hush ever since. But I announced it onstage last night at Lincoln Center.”

On top of that, this newly couple already has some pretty wedding plans:

“We definitely have a few ideas. Sandra Bernhardt will be marrying us. She’s a very close friend and she’s an officiant. We called her right away. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson will be my best man. We go way back. We want to do it in the summer so my entire cast can be thereBut there’s not enough time to get everything together for this summer. We’re thinking July 2016. We want a nice , romantic engagement.”

Awww! We wish nothing but the best for these two!

[Image via Lea DeLaria/Instagram.]


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Katy Perry Is Getting A Mobile Game Just Like Kim Kardashian Did!

Will it be as big of a hit??

Last year Kim Kardashian released a video that ended up with sales in excess of million, and the makers behind that game are going to make another game based on a different celebrity.

And that celebrity is Katy Perry!!!

The award winning artist who recently starred in the Super Bowl will hope to garner the same type of success that Kim did, and if anyone can do it — this lady can!

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The creators of the game, Glu Mobile, recently released a statement that said:

is arguably the most recognized musician in America following her Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance this past Sunday. She is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience.”

The company also said they will be using the singer’s likeness and voice in the mobile video game, and we’re literally SO excited to finally get to BE the Firework singer!

Hopefully the game will be different from the reality ’s, but will also be as addictive!

A new experience in the same addicting format will literally be the best of both worlds!

We can’t wait!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News & Image via Derrick Salters/WENN.]


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Was The Lego Movie Just One Long Commercial?? See The Honest Trailer Featuring Epic Rap Battles Of History HERE!

What’s better than an Honest ?

How about an Honest Trailer the guys from Rap Of ??

[ Video: Watch The Ghostbusters Face The Mythbusters In An Epic Rap Battle! ]

When these two HIGHlarious YouTube sensations get together, not even the wonderful is safe!

Find out why you were really just watching a huge (below)!


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