Lindsay Lohan Pulls A Reverse Kim Kardashian And Breaks The Internet With Clothes — And This Hat — On!

Girlfriend is UH-BSESSED with fedora and we don’t blame her — she looks fab in it!

Lindsay Lohan looks good and she even knows it!

The Parent Trap actress is currently in Paris for Fashion Week and she’s certainly having some fun in the world of couture!

She’s been showing off her glamorous looks like CRAZY!

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On Saturday evening, LiLo shared a pretty revealing photo with the world (above), but even still, she was definitely covered up than Kim Kardashian is!

Linds took a note from her industry peer’s book and tweeted:

Lindsay Lohan Ordered By The Judge To Complete 125 More Community Service Hours!

Will ever end?!

On Wednesday morning, the presiding over the 2012 Lindsay Lohan reckless driving case has the actress to MORE community service hours.

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The decision was made after prosecutors launched an investigation into the validity of Lilo’s alleged completed — as previously reported, the court was extremely suspicious of the 28-year-old’s volunteerism for MANY reasons.

Basically, the judge called ’s work “unacceptable” becuase meeting fans and ACTING doesn’t count as .

For trying to pull a fast one over the law, the Herbie Fully Loaded star was ordered to complete 125 more hours!!

Hopefully completes these additional hours once and for all!! If she fails to do so, we see jail time is on the horizon!

[Image via Instagram.]


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Lindsay Lohan Releases A SeXXXy Pic While Mired In Community Service Controversy!

Uh oh!

Posting photo with caption may not be helping her case!

But Lindsay Lohan did just that on Saturday afternoon when she shared a steamy photo of herself with the world that featured her assets quite heavily!

And while the photo definitely showed off her goods – it may have been pretty ill timing for the celebrity who claims a virus called Chikungunya is the reason she wasn’t able to finish her .

’s what she wrote on Instagram:

“#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya

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Lindsay Lohan Takes On Kim Kardashian’s Insanely Popular App With This New Game! But Is It A Parody? Or A Rip-off??

Kim Kardashian‘s Hollywood app has made over million! And Lindsay Lohan wants a piece of that action!

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The Mean Girls star has launched her own called ​The Price Of Fame that basically looks exactly like Kim’s except way sarcastic.

According to the game’s description, you can:

“Start a phony rap beef, buy a private peninsula, get butt implants, fight in an elevator, and give your baby botox. It’s all part of getting famous in Hollywood. And why not punch a paparazzi while you are at it? Don’t worry, you have a hot shot team of lawyers to get you out of trouble. And they probably deserved it.”

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the game’s new trailer!


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Lindsay Lohan Is On The Road To Reclaiming Her Glory Days — Looking To ‘Gain Back’ Everyone’s Respect!

We’re so excited!

It seems as though Lindsay Lohan might be in her prime.

That’s because the 28-year-old actress is taking her role in David Mamet‘s Speed-the-Plow very seriously, and we couldn’t be proud!

Lindsay opened up to Time Out Magazine about how she’s hoping her time in London will positively affect her career, saying: 

“I’ve done things, but people grow up and they change. I’m willing to work hard to back the that I once had and have lost.

I’m hoping it’ll take away attention from me as a celebrity name and draw attention to the fact that I’m an actress.”


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Such a well-thought-out response to a serious matter that’s plagued her for so long.

It a very big person to admit such a big mistake, and we cannot wait to see what Lindsay does with newly found confidence.

This attitude change and all of the positive reviews we’ve been hearing about her show really make us excited for our favorite Mean Girl.

Congrats, Linds!

[Image via WENN]


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How Did Lindsay Lohan’s Stage Debut Go? Get Up To Speed With All The Dirty Deets HERE!

Lindsay Lohan made her West End on Wednesday night in the long-awaited staging of -The-Plow, and everyone is just dying to know how it went!

Unfortunately, it’s actually a bit difficult to tell.

[ Photos: See Lindsay Lohan Prepare For Her West End Debut ]

Reviews are so mixed, it’s tough to figure out where expectation ends and real criticism begins! By some accounts, was a mess who couldn’t remember her lines.

By others, she was prepared than some of her costars AND had her star quality turned up to 11! What’s real?

’s what we’re hearing:

According to witnesses — um, we mean audience members — LiLo forgot her lines and had to be prompted at least FIVE TIMES over the course of the play.

But one of her costars, West Wing vet Richard Schiff, reportedly needed to be prompted a couple times as well. Maybe it was just the opening night jitters?

On the positive side, by many accounts Lindsay may have had some trouble with David Mamet‘s sharp, fast dialogue, but she was still utterly charming in the role.

The good news about mixed reviews is that Lindsay’s debut was not the train wreck many feared. And she has plenty more nights to perfect her performance.

Speed-The-Plow runs until November 29th.

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]


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