Maci Bookout Might Not Be A Teen Mom Anymore… But Her Second Pregnancy Still Sounds A Little Rough!

It’s been over five years since Bookout first graced out television screens on 16 and Pregnant, and we cannot believe we’re already in the middle of her !

The 23-year-old hasn’t shared too much info about her baby on account that most of the pregnancy is going to be documented on Teen Mom OG, but she did open up a bit early Tuesday morning.

Maci took to Twitter to share the news that her daughter is a very active kicker, saying:

Little Girl Teaches You The ABCs… Heavy Metal Style!

Looks like she’s a headbanger in the making!

Not everyone like to sing the alphabet. There are 26 letters that little kids have to remember, and for some children, it makes them angry!

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Like this little two-year-old who had just finished up bath and wanted to show YouTube what she’s made of… !

Her dad started the music and she began to recite the ABCs, when the tunes stop.

So, she had no choice but to adorably start over again!

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!


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Amber Rose Shows Off ALL Of Her Curves But Leaves A Little To The Imagination!

NOTE: This post is not for the faint of heart!!!

Amber Rose is never shy about showing off her body, and she nearly broke Instagram with it on Saturday!

The 31-year-old shared four pics of herself on a balcony wearing a string!

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We’d call it a bikini… but it’s basically just a piece of string with some strategically wider sections! LOLz!

We’re not complaining though because this woman has for dayssss!

a longer look at her pics (above)!


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​This Little Boy Can’t Help But Dance Every Single Time He Hears Frozen’s Let It Go!

This is pure comedy!

One adorable boy can’t get enough of Frozen, and this video is proof!

For minutes, time the song Let It Go restarts, he stops whatever he’s doing to the same triumphant ! Every. . Time. LOLz!

And this tiny tot even pretty upset when the music stops!

Ch-ch-check it out (below) for some big laughs!


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A Little Girl’s Postcard To Her Grandmother Gets Delivered THREE DECADES After It Was Sent!

We guess there’s a reason they call it snail mail!!

Joanne Selby had always made an effort to send her postcards whenever she traveled, so when she and her family went on vacation to Nefyn in Wales, she made sure to send a letter!

The only problem is her grandma never got the letter, and that’s probably because it wasn’t delivered until more than 30 years later!!!

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Sadly, Joanne (who now goes by Joanne Flemming) says her grandmother passed before the letter ever got to her. However, she says she’s currently living in her old house and was SHOCKED when they letter turned up on her doorstep:

“I came in from work and it had been posted through my door. It was my address, but because of the woman’s name I thought it must be one of my neighbors at first. When I had a closer look I saw it had been posted in Wales dated 1984. It is in perfect condition so I have no idea where it has been. It does not look like it has been passed from pillar to post, it is immaculate. It looks almost new.”

Luckily, Joanne seemed to find the whole story pretty amusing, but there was ONE thing she wasn’t very happy about:

“I’m embarrassed by my spelling. Thankfully that has improved. I think my nine year old daughter could do better.”

Ha! We’ll let it slide this considering you were only 10 when you wrote this letter in the first place!

It’s unclear why it took so long for the postcard to be delivered, but we’re guessing Joanne is happy she can just stick with much more reliable emails these days!


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Sam Smith Wants You To Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas! Listen To His Emotional Take On The Holiday Classic HERE!

Normally, tunes are supposed to get you into the spirit and fill you with joy and glee and all of that good stuff!

But that’s not exactly Sam Smith‘s !

His style is to make you feel ALL OF THE FEELS so that you’re almost crying like a baby by the end of the song!

[ Video: Sam Smith Steals The Show On A Very Grammy Christmas! ]

Just last week, Sam pulled off a cover of Have Yourself A Christmas that was jam packed with emotions, and now he’s given us a recorded version so we can listen to it nonstop until 2015!

Backed by nothing more than a piano, the 6- Grammy nominee does an absolutely gorgeous rendition of the song that will definitely stir up some feelings this Xmas!

Ch-ch-check out his on the classic (above)!


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