Former M.I.T. Professor Filmed Himself Robbing A Bank In Manhattan?! Get The Wacky Details HERE!

Maybe he was trying to get some sort of jail tenure?

A named Joseph Gibbons is facing a bevy of serious charges after he took in thousands of dollars from two robberies of two banks, but that isn’t the most unbelievable part of this story!

The most ridiculous part for us was the fact that the academic man committing the robbery in one of the heists!

The professor was charged with felony charges in New York this past Friday stemming from a time when he stole ,000 from a Capital One bank in on New Year’s Eve!

He also is facing that specific charge in Rhode Island for stealing ,000 from a bank in that state back in November.

The New York incident apparently went down around 2pm on that day before the new year. Gibbons entered the bank in Chinatown with a video camera and gave the bank teller a note “demanding a donation for his church.”

But not everyone believes Gibbons is a criminal!

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’s what his cellmate Keylan Sherrard said:

“He was doing research for a film. It’s not a crime; it’s artwork… He’s an intellectual.”

We’re not sure the courts are going to see it that way…at all.

However it does seem like this was Joseph Gibbons doing some kind of twisted research. He’s described this bizarre practice in the past. Here’s what he previously told an art journal:

“The romantic idea of the artist getting involved in these kinds of activities as a kind of research, gaining experience. But that was the big inspiration on me.”

Hey, sometimes making movies is a sacrifice.

And sometimes that sacrifice consists of giving up one’s personal freedom! Although, we can’t lie, we would be super interested to see this movie if Gibbons ever finishes it.

Although we’re not sure when he’ll have a chance to do that!


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Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead In His Manhattan Apartment!

This is tragic!

Philip Seymour Hoffman was in his on Sunday afternoon, according to a law-enforcement official.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has yet to determine what happened to the 46-year-old actor and the official cause of death. Though, there are other reports that was found with a needle in his arm!


The actor had checked into rehab for heroin in May, after being clean for 23 years.

This is horrible, sad, and completely unexpected!

Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this time.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]


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