You Know How Iggy Azalea Has Taken A Break From Social Media… Well That Might Be Putting Her Concert Tour At Risk!

First things first, this isn’t great new.

As you may , Iggy Azalea has taken a very public boycott against her media platforms.

Not did she quit Twitter last month, but just this past Friday she officially signed off of Instagram as well.

While this news in itself is upsetting, we regretfully have to report that the 24-year-old’s decision to stay out of the public eye may just end up canceling her upcoming stadium !

That’s because in addition to being elusive online, has reportedly also been shunning her management team and isn’t taking part in the series’ necessary promotional material.

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With that said, her 24-city tour is far being canceled, but if she keeps shirking her responsibilities, she could hurt openers Tinashe and Nick Jonas in the process!

We hope whatever’s causing Iggy to wig out settles itself because we really wanna see her Great Escape Tour in a city near us!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]


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Maci Bookout Might Not Be A Teen Mom Anymore… But Her Second Pregnancy Still Sounds A Little Rough!

It’s been over five years since Maci Bookout first graced out television screens on 16 and Pregnant, and we cannot believe we’re already in the middle of her !

The 23-year-old hasn’t shared too much info about her baby girl on account that most of the pregnancy is going to be documented on Teen Mom OG, but she did open up a little bit early Tuesday morning.

Maci took to Twitter to share the news that her daughter is a very active kicker, saying:

One Of Katy Perry’s Dancing Sharks Is Actually Super Hot! Not Only That, He Might Have Added To Her Feud With Taylor Swift!

Land sharks… everyone’s greatest nightmare come to life.

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Katy Perry‘s Super Bowl halftime performance featured some of the cutest nautical predators around: a pair of sharks!

Sure, the shark on the left seemed like he possibly ate a fully stocked bar beforehand, as his choreography was a little imprecise to say the least, but the right shark was spot on in his grooves!

In addition, the true identity of the other shark on the right is none other than ’s sexy backup dancer, Scott Myrick.

And he… is… hot (exhibit A: his human form above).

Scott took to Twitter and Instagram to confirm that he was in fact sharking it up with Katy!

But ’s the thing though! Apparently, Scott, along with two other dancers, left Taylor Swift’s Red tour to join Katy’s Prismatic World in 2013.

Taylor even mentioned this in an interview:

“She did something so horrible. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out under me.”

We had no idea that this shark may have contributed to the singers‘ very real !

[Image via Instagram.]


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Is Joe Manganiello Joining The Suicide Squad? Find Out Which DC Villain He Might Play In The Latest Round Of Casting Rumors HERE!

If this is true, the Squad movie be even sexier than before!

It was one thing to have a Jared Leto Joker and a Margot Robbie Harley Quinn, but we might be getting a sexy Deathstroke as ??

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The rumor regarding DC‘s super villain team-up movie is that master assassin Deathstroke will be featured alongside the others.

And that Joe Manganiello is the top contender for the role!

Obviously this is completely unconfirmed, but thus far most of the rumors about this film have ended up being solid.

Speaking of which, David Ayer also has to replace Tom Hardy now that Jake Gyllenhaal has passed on the role of Rick Flag.

According to the latest reports, there are two men at the top of Flag poll:

Joel Edgerton, who was great as a SEAL Team 6 leader in Zero Dark Thirty, and Jon Bernthal, who worked with Ayer on his WWII movie Fury.

Either actor would be a solid choice for the Flag, a tough, no-nonsense soldier.

Like we said, this cast just keeps getting sexier!

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online/DC Comics.]


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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Might Have Accidentally Revealed The Golden Globes’ Best Picture Winners Ahead Of The Show!



While the Golden Globes don’t air until Sunday night, two of the most important awards might have been spoiled before the event even begins!

And the culprit is none other than the Hollywood Press itself!

While promoting the award show on its site, the HFPA might have made a small accident when highlighting last year’s 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle.

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Shots of those two films were featured on the website, but were mistakenly captioned as Selma and Into the Woodswhich could be a HUGE indicator of which two movies are going to win Best Motion Picture — Drama and Comedy or Musical, respectively.

Talk about a spoiler!

Media publisher Bluefin has owned up to error, saying that it was just a case of random draw, but we won’t be surprised if the David Oyelowo and Emily Blunt-led films go home with the biggest awards of the night!

Let us in the comments if you think this is just an error, or if the night is officially ruined!


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Bruce Jenner & His Sons Might Get Their Own Spinoff Show Following His Divorce From Kris Jenner

Ooooh! What will they call it?!

Bruce Jenner has been a fixture on Keeping Up With the Kardashians for years, but now that he’s divorced Kris Jenner, it’s his turn to shine!

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According to a new report, the former Olympian may get his own reality show with his kids. Besides Kendall and Kylie Jenner, ’s other kids are no strangers to reality TV, with Brody Jenner being Lauren Conrad‘s famous friend. His other two sons, Brandon and Burt, will also be on the show.

So, what will they be doing?

Guy stuff! Like, driving race cars, traveling, and just doing what they do!

Bruce previously didn’t want to do reality TV anymore, but if Kris isn’t the producer, he’s more willing to give it another shot.

Would YOU watch this show???


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