Andy Dick Has Been Arrested For Stealing An Expensive Necklace!!!

Such a bizarre story!

And yet somehow we’re not surprised!

Andy Dick was this past Friday night his Hollywood apartment, and the formal charge he got was grand theft.

The incident that got him locked up allegedly happened last week when a guy, wearing a ,000 chain , was approached by who was on his bike.

Andy asked the guy if he could see the necklace, and the guy, seeing how it was Andy , then gave him the necklace.

Well, Andy Dick then BOLTED on his bike with the necklace and left the guy standing in his dust!

The owner of the chain then reported it to the police but Andy Dick was long gone from the scene!

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However the police eventually spotted him on Friday near his apartment and he was promptly arrested.

Luckily, someone paid ,000 to bail him out of early Saturday morning, and his court date is set for December 4th.

Andy Dick’s learning the hard way that you shouldn’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!!!


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Lea Michele Wears A Smile On Her Face & Her Cory Necklace Near Her Heart In NYC!

She’s looking so strong these days.

And with the difficult Cory Monteith tribute episode of Glee filmed, we’re so relieved to see Lea Michele out and about AND smiling!

The young starlet was spotted in New York City for the first time since tragically losing her boyfriend, but even though he’s not with her, he’s still very close to her .

Lea was wearing her that has certainly close to her ever since his passing. Well, that and the very special Finn necklace she’s wearing for the Glee episode.

We hope she can continue to keep shining like this and always have her special guy near and dear to her.

[Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News.]


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