*NSYNC Teased Fans With A SNL Reunion That Was Never Even Going To Happen?!

How could do this to us?!

*NSYNC posted a cryptic tweet on Saturday, hinting that they’d be performing on Saturday Night Live‘s 40th Anniversary episode.

But it was all smoke and mirrors! As the end of the show drew closer, started to get worried that there wouldn’t be time for them to perform!

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That’s because they to perform at all! A source confirmed that only some of the group members were in town and they were just there to show support, since Justin Timberlake was a guest on the show. And JC Chasez wasn’t there! He was with his family because his sister just gave birth! (Congrats, Uncle JC!)

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t bummed, but so were a lot of people! Here are some of the sad tweets:

The Reason North West Cried At The Alexander Wang Show Is Revealed! You’ll Never Guess Why!

Unfortunately for North West, her Valentine’s Day wasn’t a tearless one, as she was caught having another tantrum during the Alexander Wang show on Saturday.

While the for ’s first tantrum at daddy Kanye West‘s show remains a mystery (except for the fact that she’s a and babies cry), we know what caused the second one!

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A source explained the whole thing, saying:

“North was actually so good throughout ’s show but had a moment for one second when she saw a photographer on the other side of the runway with a toy monkey that looked exactly like her favorite one at home. She is obsessed with it and when she saw the photographer holding the same one, she started crying and reaching out with for it for a few seconds. But then it passed and she was good for the show. After the show, the photographer was really nice and came over and gave her the stuffed animal, and she was happy.”

Aww! At least there was a happy ending!

And they all got to sit and see Kendall Jenner do her model thang down the runway!

[Image via Getty Images.]


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The Creature One British Woman Found In Her Tuna Can Will Make You Want To Never Eat Seafood Again…

Well, we’re eating again…

A mom from England was casually preparing a meal for her son back in January when she noticed a small creature looking back at her from the can.

Zoe Butler shared the above pic on Twitter to learn about the little guy, but it wasn’t until late last week that ‘Eric’ was finally identified.

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Apparently, Eric is a type of crab called a Megalopa; which, thankfully, won’t harm your food, but would haunt your dreams.

Now, he may look kind of cute in that picture… but if you’re prepared to lose your appetite, feel free to click below to see him in his most terrifying state.

We can’t.


Princes, the company behind the nautical mix-up, hasn’t offered Zoe any sort of compensation yet, but she says she’s just happy this won’t happen to another young mum anytime soon!

[Image via Zoe Butler/Twitter.]


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You Never Would’ve Guessed What Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Did Before The Super Bowl! Hint: It Involves Baby North & Wild Animals!

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West may have watched the Seattle Seahawks lose to the New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX, but beforehand, they may have actually seen real live hawks!

The reality TV star posted this (above) photo Monday afternoon on her Instagram of her and her family — including daughter North West — spending some quality time together before they watched the big game.

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And what exactly did they do right before the festivities?

They went to the zoo!

The 34-year-old captioned the adorable pic:

“At the zoo with my boo and my baby boo”

So freakin’ cute!

And of course daddy wore an appropriate camouflage t-shirt to commemorate their mini-safari!

We just hope their day of seeing wild animals went well.

If it didn’t, it would perfectly explain ’s mood inside the stadium!

[Image via Kim /Instagram.]


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Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, And More Come Out To Give Cody Simpson A Birthday Celebration He’ll Never Forget!

This is one way to celebrate your 18th !

Every famous child star you ever knew came out to celebrate Cody Simpson‘s big 18th birthday bash this past weekend!

Okay, maybe not EVERY famous child star, but some of the more notable ones are, oh, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, just to name a few!

The Surfboard singer went all out for the big 1-8 with TWO shindigs!

[ Photos: Celebrities Who Won't Quit Partying! ]

The day his actual birthday, the seXXXy Aussie celebrated with all his pals at The Nice Guy restaurant in Hollywood!

Then on Sunday for his furrreal b-day, had a more laid back bash in Malibu with his family and close friends.

While Selena Gomez was NOT in attendance — she was probably trying to avoid Justin because, you know, Zelena! — she sent the birthday boy a sweet message on Instagram, writing:

Happiest of birthdays to bubba and such an incredible person. Love you inside out @codysimpson -here’s to more ☺

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Florida Couple Calls 911 After Getting ‘Locked’ In A Closet With Feces For Two Days… But Guess What, They Were NEVER Locked In!

Well, how very of them…

John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, spent two days in a janitor’s closet at Daytona State College allegedly smoking a little too much meth.

After realizing they in trouble, the couple eventually had to call 911 to get police to rescue them.

However, when they arrived the cops discovered that the closet door was actually not locked and that there wasn’t a locking mechanism on the door!

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John and Amber snuck into the college to, presumably, partake in some meth on Sunday and were freed days later on Tuesday. And while no drugs were on them, police did find copper scouring pads, which can be used for drugs, as well as .


They had no choice but to go to the bathroom in the room that they were “locked” in.

Amber was charged with violating her parole and trespassing, but we think the shame of this story is definitely to be their real punishment.

[Image via Volusia County Branch Jail]


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