There Are Going To Be Two Bachelorettes Next Season!? We’re Happy About Half Of That News!!

Kaitlyn Bristowe is officially the Bachelorette!!!

Oh, and Britt Nilsson will be too, we guess.

That’s right!

For the first time in Bachelor history, two women will have 25 men competing for their love in front of America.

Chris Harrison broke the news on Monday night’s Bachelor finale that saw Chris Soules propose to his winner, and you know, we’re actually a little surprised.

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According to the host, ABC just couldn’t decide between 27-year-old Britt and 29-year-old Kaitlyn so they went ahead and copied MTV‘s A Double Shot at Love and just threw caution to the wind.

Seeing as she’s the most funny contestant in the show’s history, we don’t really think Kaitlyn needs Britt’s help to carry the , but hey, maybe this will cause the guys to actually display sort of personality this time around.

Please just be more entertaining than boring ‘ol Chris and Whitney and/or Becca

Ch-ch-check out the history making reveal (above)!!!


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Will Bravo Get To Film Some Of The Next Season Of RHONJ At Teresa Giudice’s Jail?? Find Out What Andy Cohen Has To Say HERE!

With Teresa Giudice currently serving her 15-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, many fans are left wondering if ’s to be another of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey with or without the 42-year-old.

Well according to ‘s Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Housewives franchise, the odds are looking good.

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The host of Watch What Happens Live said:

“I can’t imagine not filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey… It’s a big franchise for Bravo, and I think whatever we do, we’re going to do it the right way, so we’re still figuring that out right now.”

With that being said, does this mean producers will film at Tre’s prison?

Unfortunately, the television personality wasn’t as optimistic.

He said:

“I don’t know the specifics of what they allow, but I can’t see them allowing [filming the in prison].”

For fans of Miz Giudice, they’re probably going to have to wait till the Skinny Italian author is out of the slammer to see her on the small screen.

However, Mr. Cohen does offer a glimpse of what the network might possibly do.

He dished:

“Anything is possible… There’s a lot of people in New Jersey.”

While it’s hard for us to see the show without , we do appreciate Bravo’s efforts to keep the franchise alive.

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​AnnaLynne McCord Has Been Dating Rick Fox For 48 Hours & She’s Having Quadruplets Next Week?!

This girl really knows how to pull a leg!

Contrary to what everyone was thinking last , AnnaLynne McCord and Rick Fox are not dating!

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They seemed so close at a pre-Super Bowl event last week, that people led to believe the two an item! However, AnnaLynne set the record straight during an interview with Boston Herald Radio on Friday. She said:

“Yes, isn’t he amazing? I started him 48 hours ago when that picture happened! This is brand new, and we’re going to get married tomorrow! I’m week. We’re going to be divorced by February 15. It’s a great relationship, I’ve had a wonderful journey, [and] it will be amicable when we split.”

LOLz! Too funny!

That doesn’t explain why people overheard AnnaLynne calling Rick her “boyfriend” but maybe it was just more sarcasm.

Either way, we still think these two would make a gorgeous couple. Maybe they should consider rekindling their imaginary love flame!

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The CW May Have Found Its Next Hit Superhero Show! Find Out Which Arrow Star May Be Getting A Spinoff HERE!

The CW is two for two with DC superheroes.

Since both Arrow and The Flash have big hits for the network, it’s not exactly a surprise they’re looking out for their superhero .

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And they may have it already!

On Sunday’s Television Critics Association panel, CW president Mark Pedowitz mentioned the possibility of a new hour in that superhero universe.

When asked if that hour might be a rumored Arrow spinoff featuring Brandon Routh‘s character Ray Palmer, the shrinking scientist The Atom, executive producer Greg Berlanti said:

“We’re in very early talks in a very general idea that we haven’t gone deeper on yet.”

Pretty vague, but if is a spinoff, so far The Atom is the most likely option.

Arrow‘s Black Canary hasn’t exactly been the biggest fan-favorite, and Suicide Squad is a movie that they probably don’t want to get confused with.

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When it comes to DC superheroes who weren’t mentioned as part of the multi- Justice League universe, The Atom is one of the biggest, so to speak. AND they already have a super sexy hottie playing him!

We are def on board for more Brandon!

[Image via The CW.]


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​Frozen’s Josh Gad Could Be The Next Roger Ebert… On The Silver Screen!

This sounds like an excellent choice!

Frozen‘s star Gad is rumored to be in line to play Roger Ebert in a new indie movie the critic’s life, titled Russ & Roger Go Beyond.

If casted, Gad will play opposite Will Ferrell, who signed on last August, which be a HIGHlarious pairing! Also, the actors have both worked together recently, along with Kevin Hart, in Get Hard and The Wedding Ringer. Jonah Hill was originally up for the job, but those talks didn’t go far.

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The rumor started when producer David Permut let the casting decision slip in Palm Springs over the weekend, and other sources have said that Gad is the producers’ top choice for the role.

’s no director yet and Saturday Night Live‘s Christopher Cluess wrote the script, so we’re guessing this indie film is to be magic!

As for the plot, the story follows Roger and filmmaker Russ Meyer‘s journey into making Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Russ hired Roger as the screenwriter after Russ read a positive review Roger wrote about one of his films.

Proving that flattery will get you everywhere! LOLz!

It follows their journey to make the film, as well as to fight the film’s X-rating. When Meyer died in 2004, they still good friends. Ebert passed away in 2013.

Sounds like it’s going to be awesome! Hopefully this casting rumor is the real deal!

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Kathie Lee Gifford Is Next On The List To Reveal A Past Incident With Bill Cosby Amidst His Sexual Assault Scandal!

Well, this is just concerning.

Following Bill Cosby‘s wife’s statement to the media the current allegations against her husband, Lee shared her experience with the comedian.

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Although it’s not as jarring as the other ladies who were reportedly involved in these cases of alleged sexual assault, it still doesn’t put the actor in a good light.

On Kathie and Hoda‘s Today’s Talk segment on Tuesday, the two started chatting about Camille speaking out and defending her husband amidst the scandal.

It lead to Kathie revealing her mostly positive experience while working with for years — but one candid causal confession the host made has us at odds.

Listen to her story (below):

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