This Messy Toilet Paper Prank Is Probably The Bane Of Howie Mandel’s Existence!

Howie Mandel might be famous for his comedy and for his role on America’s Got Talent… but he’s also a very famous germophobe!

So we cannot imagine how livid he got when he saw just how much Roman Atwood used in his latest !

[ Video: Just Bieber Prank Calls Some Fans On Ellen! ]

Roman and Co. decorated ’s entire house with toilet paper while drove home from the airport, and his reaction in priceless.

Plus, it’s even better because Howie’s wife and son were totally in on the YouTube prank!

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below)!!!


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Lindsay Lohan & David Letterman Prank Call Oprah Live On TV! Watch HERE!

Can you believe Lindsay Lohan first appeared on David Letterman‘s show 21 years ago?? Well she’s back, and gurl is setting the record straight on some things!

First, she wants everyone to know that she is clean and sober! Second, her docu-series is not EXACTLY reality. Third, she’s taking over the Late Show!


Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to get the scoop straight from LiLo! Then see the rest, including and Dave calling Oprah Winfrey on the air …AFTER THE JUMP!!!


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Obscure EDM Artist Punks Justin Bieber & His Fans With A HIGHlarious April Fools’ Day Prank! Deets HERE!

Whoa! Paz just blew minds all over the place!

What? You don’t know who Paz is? Then you clearly weren’t punked by him on Tuesday!

He’s an up-and-coming EDM , but until 1st he was about as relevant to the cultural zeitgeist as Ann Coulter‘s choice in breakfast cereals. However, he just a name for himself by pranking Justin Bieber, which is a pretty awesome way to get noticed!

See, Tuesday was April Fool’s Day and he completed one of the wildest, wackiest pranks we have ever ! Paz obtained 5,000 copies of the Big Beiberoni’s album Believe and totally effed with them!

He replaced each CD with a mixed compilation of his own creation (pictured above), repackaged them, and returned them to store shelves!

That means pretty much every single person who bought ’s CD in El Lay yesterday accidentally wound up purchasing one of those funky taco looking things (above)!

Why did he a celebrity who is already in so much real life trouble?

Paz confessed:

“The general idea is that retail stores make it almost impossible for independent musicians to get their music in there. I’ve always believed that retail stores can be the best outlets and ambassadors for independent music. They just choose not to be and sell the same recycled (expletive). We thought if they’re going to lock their doors to independent musicians, we’re just going to knock them down and get our music in there. The world won’t really miss a Justin record.”

Ha! We aren’t sure how many folks actually went out and purchased a hard copy of a two-year-old Biebs CD yesterday, but we admire Paz’s amusing attempt!

[Image via Facebook.]


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Guy Brilliantly Crashes Cell Phone Calls At Disneyland! Watch The Happiest Prank On Earth HERE!

Hate when other people have convos in public because it feels like they’re talking to you even though you know they’re not and you wish someone would reach through the empty void of your loneliness and make a real human connection with you because let’s face it you haven’t been touched in years?

Well, one Greg Benson of Mediocre Films puts the proverbial shoe on the proverbial other foot (oh so many proverbs!) as he uses as an opportunity to answer those public cell phone callers directly while pretending to be on a call himself!

He it Cell Phone Crashing, and we call it brilliant.

This installment of Cell Phone Crashing happened at Disneyland, where the amount of magic is only exceeded by the number of people on the phone trying to use their limited knowledge of Disney landmarks to locate their missing spouses and children and inner-child.

So put on your Mickey ears, grab a turkey leg, and ch-ch-check out the magical HIGHlarious video…AFTER THE JUMP!!!


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HIGHlarious Valentine’s Day Prank Probably Made This Dude Lose His Girlfriend! See What He Did HERE!

Hey ladies, before you it on your boyfriend for getting you yellow carnations, or cheap candy or NOTHING at all for Day, just be glad you’re not Jodie from Launceston!

Because her BF Alex just pulled a V-Day prank that we’re just going to assume her break up with him instantly!

Alex took out an ad in the , that started out as romantical as it gets!

Ch-ch-check it out:

But then the message continued:

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of every woman in the world grinding their teeth in anger!

As as we find prank and as much as we love Breaking Bad too, we can’t believe Alex would do this to Jodie!

Not only should YOU be the one to make dinner tonight buddy, you better rub her feet and say a MILLION sorries! LOLz!

We can’t stop laughing though!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you two! Hopefully you both share a sense of humor!

[Images via Twitter.]


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Selena Gomez Witnessed Justin Bieber’s EGGS-treme Egging Prank?! Poor Baby Could Be Questioned By Cops!

Ay dios mio!

We have just come to learn that our sweet Latina princess, Selena Gomez is rumored to have been there during her on-again, TOTALLY off-again BF Justin Bieber‘s war against his Calabasas neighbor on January 9.

If this is true, that means that the completely innocent songstress be dragged in for questioning by about the icky incident that cost ,000 in damages.

How traumatizing!

And to think, she believed she was back in romantic paradise with her first love after attending a raging party together that fateful evening!

We just hope — between this and those painfully mean text messages— we won’t be seeing her segwaying in his hood anytime soon..

…or ever again!

JB might be uber talented musically, but he is clearly NOT emotionally prepared to be in any sort of relationship!


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