This Messy Toilet Paper Prank Is Probably The Bane Of Howie Mandel’s Existence!

Howie Mandel might be famous for his comedy and for his role on America’s Got Talent… but he’s also a very famous germophobe!

So we cannot imagine how livid he got when he saw just how much Roman Atwood used in his latest !

[ Video: Just Bieber Prank Calls Some Fans On Ellen! ]

Roman and Co. decorated ’s entire house with toilet paper while drove home from the airport, and his reaction in priceless.

Plus, it’s even better because Howie’s wife and son were totally in on the YouTube prank!

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below)!!!


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Bette Midler Covering Waterfalls Is Probably The Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day!

Bette Midler, you just have a ton of surprises up your sleeves!

The faboosh singer is paying tribute to all the greatest girl groups thus far on her upcoming album, It’s The Girls and the greatest happened.

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One of the songs covered is the classic hit from TLC and at a first thought it may sound weird, but srsly, the thing ever!

The slower tempo mixed with Bette’s style definitely matches the song! We were surprised too!

Ch-ch-check out her version of Waterfalls (above)!!


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Listen To This: The Biggest Star You Probably Don’t Know

It’s a shame Stromae isn’t a huge in America and all over the world!

The French-rapping and singing musician from Belgium is such a mega talent!

He makes music that sounds unlike anyone else’s! And his videos are equally fresh and dope!

If you’re unfamiliar with him, then get acquainted with the sickening Tous Les Mêmes above!

Then you must CLICK HERE to to more music from Stromae!


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HIGHlarious Valentine’s Day Prank Probably Made This Dude Lose His Girlfriend! See What He Did HERE!

Hey ladies, before you it on your boyfriend for getting you yellow carnations, or cheap candy or NOTHING at all for Day, just be glad you’re not Jodie from Launceston!

Because her BF Alex just pulled a V-Day that we’re just going to assume her break up with him instantly!

Alex took out an ad in the paper, that started out as romantical as it gets!

Ch-ch-check it out:

But then the message continued:

Do you that? That’s the sound of every woman in the world grinding their teeth in anger!

As HIGHlarious as we find prank and as much as we love Breaking Bad too, we can’t believe Alex would do this to poor Jodie!

Not only should YOU be the one to make dinner tonight buddy, you better rub her feet and say a MILLION sorries! LOLz!

We can’t stop laughing though!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you two! Hopefully you both share a sense of humor!

[Images via Twitter.]


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