Robin Wright & Her Fiancé Ben Foster Have Called Off Their Engagement! Here’s WHY!

Oh! Such sad news for these two!

House of Cards star and her fiancé Ben Foster have called it quits being engaged for 10 months!

The 48-year-old actress and her 34-year-old beau reportedly having trouble working through incredibly busy schedules to make it work.

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Robin was flying between El Lay and Baltimore to film the hit Netflix show and be with her kids, while Ben was in London acting in A Streetcar Named Desire!

Sources revealed:

“She got swept up in the , but then their schedules got crazy and she realized it wasn’t the right decision.”

However it turns out that wasn’t the only problem!

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Apparently, the 14-year age gap got to be too for Robin to deal with!

“The gap just ended up being too much. Ben was kind of immature. She couldn’t deal with him anymore.”

Yikes! Well, better to realize they’re not compatible now rather than later!

We’re sure they’ll both bounce back better than ever once they’ve recovered from the split!

[Image via Bridow/WENN.]


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The Trailer For Robin Williams’ A Merry Friggin’ Christmas Is Released; Watch Robin In Of His Last Roles HERE

This is bittersweet.

While we’re so excited to see Robin Williams grace the silver screen once , it’s sad to know that this was one of his final films.

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In the recently for the film, we see at his comedic finest alongside co-stars Lauren Graham and Joel McHale.

The extended preview depicts the trials and tribulations Joel and Robin’s characters go through to ‘save ’. Naturally, the film is full of seriously funny hijinks and we can’t wait to see it all play out on the big screen.

Will you see the film when it’s released this November or will it be just too sad to ?


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Rebel Wilson Says Robin Williams’ Performance In Night At The Museum 3 Will Make You Sob!

Robin Williams may be gone, but one of his most emotional performances may be yet to come.

According to his Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb co-star Rebel Wilson, the famed funnyman’s final scene in the film had her weeping.

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And she thinks audiences may have the same reaction. In an interview with KIIS FM on Thursday morning, Rebel said that [SPOILER ALERT] saying goodbye as Theodore Roosevelt is almost too sad to handle. She said:

“It’s just so emotional because in the movie his character knows he’s not going to be alive the next day and he gives this speech and it was just me and my assistant Katie just sitting in this screening room just crying. It’s super, super emotional.”

Ahh! Too sad!

[ Video: Night At The Musem Cast Heads To London In New Trailer ]

Rebel has joyous memories of working with Robin too. In fact, she remembers one day on set that she’ll treasure forever. She said:

“He watched me in a scene with Ben Stiller and me to his afterwards and he just said, ‘I you’re such a great improviser and you’re so funny.’

I was so shocked that the Robin Williams was speaking to me and the fact that he was watching me for the four hours and wanted to tell me all this stuff about comedy for about two hours. It was just, I couldn’t believe I got to have that time with him and how cool.”

Yet another example of Robin touching lives wherever he went.

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline/20th Century Fox.]


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Billy Crystal Remembers Robin Williams With Jimmy Fallon & We’re Missing His Smile All Over Again!

Everyone is still in shock at the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams, and Billy Crystal is no different.

The comedian went on The Tonight Show where he and host Jimmy Fallon swapped stories about the late star, recounting all of the times that he them laugh the hardest. Since was ’s good friend, he has a ton of them!

Ch-ch-check it out (below) for some Robin stories you haven’t heard anywhere else!



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Ellen DeGeneres Finally Gets A Chance To Pay Tribute To The Late Robin Williams & It’s As Touching (And Hilarious) As You’d Expect

Aw, what a sweet and absolutely .

Now that Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show is back from summer break, she was able to pay tribute to the late Robin Williams.

the course of years, Robin visited ’s show MANY times and he always was a hit to say the least.

In the tribute, Robin’s best moments from the show are remembered and set to some moving Coldplay songs.

Ellen’s special in memoriam (below)! 

Wow, we laughed AND cried during that moving tribute.

You did a great job of honoring Robin, Ellen.


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Think Robin Williams Had Money Problems? You Won’t After You Hear How Much He Would Have Made For A Night In Vegas!

People have been searching for a reason to explain Robin Williams‘ suicide ever since the sad news first broke.

No explanation can justify our loss, but probably the least sensical is the rumor that was suffering from money .

Robin’s rep has already denied the ridiculous claims, but it seems there is more concrete evidence out there.

It seems that entertainment giant AEG Live was willing to pay big bucks to have Robin perform live at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace.

According to documents, for just two standup shows at the venue the Mrs. Doubtfire star would a shiny 0,000! Wow!

Robin apparently turned down this particular offer because he was shooting his TV show The Crazy Ones at the time, but that mere existence of such a sweet deal is proof enough.

We just hope this puts the financial problem rumors to bed once and for all.


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