Kylie Jenner Will Stir Jealousy With Her Secret To Staying Fit, While Still Eating Tons Of Junk Food! See What She Said HERE!

It’s not just her lips that has everyone talking, but how she stays so fit, too!

While promoting the Sugar Factory American Brasserie grand opening in Rosemont, Illinois this past weekend, Kylie Jenner revealed all she eats are sweets and candy!

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Which of course doesn’t explain her trim figure at all, but hey, she’s 17 so her metabolism must be kickin’!

Anyway, confessed:

“My mom always has so many sweets and so much candy around the house. Every time someone comes they’re always like, ‘How are you not majorly obese in this house? There are so many sweets.’ But my mom just loves her sweets.”

Sounds like it runs in the family! Though she can thank those genes for staying fit, too! She continued:

“I eat so bad right now. I eat so many sweets and so much candy but it’s the Bruce Jenner genes. I have to start working out very soon.”

Well, everything in moderation, right? That and have an Olympian for a parent!

Sounds easy to us!


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Kylie Jenner Denies Reports That She Dropped Out Of School! See What She Said HERE!

She must’ve been tired of these rumors these past few months!

Kylie Jenner recently clarified some things her education after many had believed the 17 year old had dropped out of with her mother’s blessing months ago!

But the blossoming model claims that not only has she been keeping up with her studies, she’ll soon be getting her diploma!

’s what she this past Friday at the grand opening of the Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Rosemont, Illinois:

“I haven’t dropped out of school. I go to school every day.”

Well, apparently she’s not actually getting out of her house to go to school, she still is in the throes of homeschooling, so that’s good!

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School is definitely important! Although it doesn’t seem like she’ll be changing her schedule much when she finally does get her diploma. She said of her plans:

“I to keep doing what I do now. I love fashion … I have a lot of interests I’m pursuing.”

Sounds good to us!

We’re glad she’s still on track to get that diploma! It may come in handy once her modeling career winds — although that seems like it is far off into the future at this point!

Still, time flies by fast!!!

[Image via Instagram.]


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Jennifer Lopez Shoots Down Rumors That She’s Back With Casper Smart! Find Out What She Said!

It looks like this momma bear is searching for a mate!

Rumors of Jennifer Lopez getting back together with Smart have been flying around since New Year’s day, but it turns out the two aren’t an item again.

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During The Boy Next Door press junket in Los Angeles a few days ago, J. Lo explained to reporters:

“I’m single right now… I think being on my own has been really great for me. There was a time where I was just like ‘Ehhh, I’m just not going to deal with anybody, I just to be on my own.’ Now I’m getting into the mix. For right now, I just have no announcements to make.”

Hmm… no announcements to make huh? That doesn’t mean there can’t be a little romance behind the scenes though! LOLz!

Whatever her love life is like right now, we just hope is happy!

[Image via WENN.]


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Mel B Defends Her Husband Over Abuse Allegations! Find Out What She Said About The Rumors HERE!

We’re glad Mel B is FINALLY speaking out!

On Sunday, the Spice Girl took to Instagram to defend her husband, Stephen Belafonte, against rampant .

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The singer captioned a loving photo of the couple:

“This is for my fans havin problems with my Twitter will be soon! I’m very good was very polly but much better now and for the record my hubby never would lay a hand on me sorry took so long but any response fuels #lovemyfamily #lovemyfans.”

While we’re happy to hear that everything is okay between the pair, we wish the momma of 3 spoke out sooner! The silence worried us!

Thanks for the update, Mel!

[Image via Instagram.]


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Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Want Idris Elba To Play James Bond Because He’s Black! See What He Said About The Casting HERE!

Well this is certainly surprising, Rush saying something awful!

Just kidding, we’re not even 0.000001% surprised by this statement.

The rumors swirling about the future of the franchise that Idris could be the next actor to play the iconic spy.

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Which is so freakin’ AWESOME and would be absolutely brilliant casting.

Except Rush doesn’t think so. He :

“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is, was. But now Sony is suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a Britain, rather than a white from Scotland. But that’s not who James Bond is and I know it’s racist to probably point this out.”

We just cannot even with that whole statement.

But wait, that’s not all he said!

He also went on to say that this casting choice is equal to Hollywood having George Clooney and Kate Hudson play President Barack and Michelle Obama.

Soooooo, yeah.

Except that the Obamas are the first black President and First Lady of the United States, something remarkable and historically important given the country’s history.

Meanwhile, being white isn’t an essential quality to James Bond. Being suave is. And Idris has that quality !

Besides, Daniel Craig isn’t Scottish either, and that — wait, why are we bothering trying to have a rational discussion with Rush Limbaugh?? LOLz!

[Image via Lia Toby/Chris Connor/WENN.]


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Shia LaBeouf Cites Method Acting As Reason He Was Fired From Broadway Show! Read What He Said HERE!


That explains everything!

Or wait not really, but hey we ain’t judging!

Shia LaBeouf recently opened up about the tumultuous series of events that got him fired from a Broadway play and also eventually got him locked up in jail!

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The actor revealed it all in an interview with Interview magazine’s November issue! And he claims he was only role playing with Alec Baldwin which eventually led to him being canned from the play Orphans.

’s what he :

“Alec and I butted heads hard. I was sleeping in the park . . . At the time, I was out of my mind. My whole goal was to intimidate the f–k out of Baldwin. That was the role. And it wasn’t going to be fake. I wanted him to be scared . . . So I went about doing that for three weeks of rehearsal.”

But all of that led to him being arrested and seems to have learned his lesson he then said:

“I was reading about performance art of the ’60s and ’70s and so I thought . . . we’re all involved here. It’s not just your stage. We’re all in here and we’re all part of this. I was wrong.”

Well, we’ll keep an eye out on Shia and see if his antics DO temper down because then maybe this story gets more believable.

However, he may to maybe not do the whole thing anymore as it kind of seems to put him in dangerous situations.

Something we’re not sure is worth all the headaches no matter how much he thinks it’s working!


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