Hilary Duff Shows Off Her Sexxxy Bikini Bod In New Instagram Pic!

Hot mama!

Hilary Duff showed the world that being a mother doesn’t mean you can’t still be smokin’ hot in a new Instagram pic on Sunday!

We knew she was hot, but we can’t believe how good she looks.

The 27-year-old accompanied the above pic with an empowering caption, saying:

“Hey #moms #westillgotit ❤️ #loveyourbod”

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Way to tell ‘em Hil!

We’re glad that even though things aren’t going perfectly with Mike Comrie that she still knows how to love herself.

[Image via /Instagram.]


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Amber Rose Shows Off Her Curves In SeXXXy Lingerie!

This one’s for the haters… and everyone else too! LOLz!

Amber Rose had a sexy Saturday and wanted to share it with her Instagram followers!

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So, the model posted this pic, along with a super straightforward message:

“U Guys Love Sl*t Shaming Huh? Good. I feed off that sh*t. #HowtobeAbadB*tch”

Wow! People can be super rude, but we see no problem with women AND men being proud of bodies and showing them off!

Flaunt what your momma gave you, gurl! There is NOTHING to be ashamed of !

[Image via Amber Rose/Instagram.]


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Lindsay Lohan Releases A SeXXXy Pic While Mired In Community Service Controversy!

Uh oh!

Posting THIS photo with THIS caption may not be helping her case!

But Lindsay Lohan did just that on Saturday afternoon when she shared a steamy photo of herself with the world that featured her assets quite heavily!

And while the photo definitely showed off her goods – it may have been pretty ill timing for the celebrity who claims a virus called Chikungunya is the reason she wasn’t able to finish her .

’s what she wrote on Instagram:

“#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya

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PornHub Unveils Winners Of Their Theme Song Competition! Check Out The SeXXXy Songs HERE!

defied the odds when they built a business based on the assumption that people like to watch other people have sex (LOLz!).

Now? They’ve rolled their pornographic success right a record label: PornHub Records.

Last year, they held a contest to find the “ultimate” PornHub and now we’ve got the !!

It took both T-Pain and producer Scott Storch to sift through the thousands of submissions to find the perfect theme songs, but they did!

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The winners are Jordan Royale‘s PornHub Anthem and Mihannah Zhang‘s You Make Me Feel Like!

Now, each artist will receive ,000 to make music videos for their songs which will go up on the website! The PORNO website!

That’ll mean a TON of views! PornHub is actually guaranteeing each artist at least 500,000 views. That’s nuts!!

Wanna out what qualifies as a porn website’s theme song??

Then check out both tracks (below)!!


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Demi Lovato Isn’t Opposed To Singing About Sex! Can We Expect Some SeXXXy Tunes Soon?!

Ooh, don’t Demi Lovato to pull a Beyoncé with her music anytime !

And when we say pull a Bey, we don’t mean secretly dropping a full album, we mean explicitly about good seXXy times!


The Skyscraper songstress revealed in her Cosmo For Latinas interview that she isn’t to writing about sex, but there’s something else that’s stopping her from doing so!

She said:

“I’m not against it. Sex is a part of life and it’s a personal decision. people put it in music, which is awesome and good for them. But for me, there’s still that weird feeling in the back of my head that’s like, ‘All right, I know that my mom and dad are going to hear it and my little sister, and that’s really weird for me.’ But if I feel like expressing myself in that kind of way, then I’ll be like, ‘All right, guys — look the other way!’”

Well, that would be super awks.

But hey, if Bey got over the initial embarrassment, you can too!

We imagine whenever that time may be to express yourself in that way, it will be AH-Maze!!

[Image via /Twitter.]


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Woman Smuggles A Vibrator Into The Grocery Store Thanks To Her Vagina & Pays The ULTIMATE Price! Shocking, SeXXXy Vid HERE!

We’ve heard of shopping ’til you drop before, but this is friggin’ ridiculous!

In the premiere episode of TLC‘s totally titillating new series Sex Sent Me to the ER, we’re introduced to a Ashley & Dennis. Feeling sexually adventurous one afternoon, the young couple decided to bring a sex toy to local grocery store.

Yup, Ashley shoved a remote control her lady cave of wonders and handed off the remote to her boyfriend!

That’s. When. Things. Got. Dangerous.

Ch-ch- out the Sex Sent Me to the ER clip and find out what happened to her…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Whoa!!! Nobody expects a concussion at the grocery story! Or an orgasm, either!! Talk your peaks and valleys!

Watch Sex Sent Me to the ER and definitely do NOT try this at home.


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