Amber Rose Thinks Some Members Of Her Family Didn’t Go To Her Wedding Because Wiz Khalifa Was African American!


We know families have their issues, but this seems like a lot to deal with!

Amber Rose just revealed in an interview with the Oprah Winfrey Network that she a lot of her didn’t attend her wedding Wiz Khalifa is African American…

Apparently, ’s family is of Creole descent and have some, let’s say, unique opinions about her ex:

“With my family, feel like ’re more superior or better an African American because we’re Creole and we have culture and that’s something I battle with most of my life. It’s more of the older in my family.”


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It’s bad enough for them to ruin her wedding day, but to have to endure that kind of attitude her whole life!?

The interview was all a part of a conversation on race for the new TV special Light Girls, which airs this Monday night on OWN.

We’re sorry you had to go through all that, Amber, but hopefully it’s just made you stronger!

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Natalie Dormer Thinks There Needs To Be More Full-Frontal Male Nudity In Game Of Thrones!

We agree!

Game of Thrones doesn’t shy away from , especially when it to their female actors, but what about the guys?!

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Natalie Dormer, aka Margaery Tyrell, recently talked about the comparative lack of dingleberries in the show, saying:

“Well, during the first season Alfie, Richard, and several of the men got naked—although not all the way. I suppose it’s just the rules of broadcast television, isn’t it? I think has been better than your average show with the equality, but could definitely ramp it up! Absolutely.”

Ramp it UP! We love the enthusiasm! Ha!

Now, if only we could get the big wigs onboard!


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EXCLUSIVE! Kenya Moore Comes Up With Her Own Taglines For Each Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta! Watch What She Thinks They Should Say!

This girl never ceases to crack us up!

We had the chance to hang out with Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s recently, and she kept it !

So, we asked the returning cast member what taglines each of the have, and this is what she said (above)!

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We dare you not to laugh at the jokes and shade!

P.S. The show airs tonight, so make sure to tune in!


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Cleveland Man Tries To Hire Himself A Family Because He Thinks It Will Help Him Get Paid More

Fact: just because you went to college does not mean that you are good at concocting plans.

Case in point: a man posted an ad to Craigslist, which has since been removed, stating that he wanted to a to pretend to be his own because he figured it would help him get at his potential jobs.


Mr. Family Man explained that he’s seen several instances where people who had families got paid more because employers felt bad for them, so he laid out his plan:

“Approximately six months before I formally begin searching for a job, I will post approximately 12-24 photos of my “family” and my “life”, meshed to create an entirely phony yet truly believable picture of myself. If everything goes as planned, whatever branch of whatever organization that looks into my background pending being hired for my first real job will be inevitably perusing my Facebook page and more and will come to the conclusion that I am deserving of a “Family Man” level of compensation. If the secret gets out that I live alone, have no children, and spend the majority of my disposable income on restoring vintage cars I could find myself in a vastly different income bracket since it will be perceived that I can get by on less- MUCH less…. All photographs will be of a fun, family friendly nature and will be immediately deleted once I am formally hired. will be no longer needed, since that wage bracket will be carried to other establishments in the future and once that wage level has been set, the fact that I drop money on all aluminum racing radiators instead of baby formula will be irrelevant.”

If you’re still interested in becoming his faux wife, then you must be “within approximately five years of [his] age (21-30)” and he likes the name Marissa. If you want to temporarily donate your child to his cause, that tiny tot must be of “Aryan ancestry” like he is, and he prefers the name Logan.

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This poster also divulged that he’s a college student who is looking to finish his degree after “after a several year absence,” which he likely used to think up this bizarre plan.

Again, the post has been removed, thankfully, but it’s still wild to think that are people like this out there!

[Image via craigslist.]


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Martha Stewart Thinks Gwyneth Paltrow Should Shut Up & Stick To Acting!!

If y’all come for the throne, you best be prepared to battle the queen!

Blake Lively already found out how hard it is to try and battle the Lifestyle Master, and now another top actress is discovering the same thing!

Martha Stewart recently called out Gwyneth Paltrow and her attempts to create a lifestyle empire. And was NOT polite with her critiques! 

She basically tells  to up and focus on her , AND calls out for trying to be like Martha !

Problem is — ’s only one Martha Stewart! 

Here’s what Martha recently said:

“She just to be quiet. She’s a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn’t be trying to be Martha Stewart.”

This isn’t the first time that Martha has thrown shade Gwyneth’s way.

Back in October she mentioned she hoped Gwyneth’s lifestyle brand Goop was authentic in a definite passive aggressive type of manner! 

We kind of love the cattiness that Martha is putting on display here. 

In fact – we kind of think, with the drama surrounding Gwyneth recently, that Martha smells blood and is going in for the kill! 

Gwyneth better herself!!!

[Image via IZZY/WENN & Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]


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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Even Happier For Chris Martin & Jennifer Lawrence Than People Thought! She Thinks They’re Great Together!

Wow! We had no idea she was THIS cool with their relationship!

We recently heard that Gwyneth Paltrow ex ‘could do worse’ than dating Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, but it turns out she’s actually a fan of the relationship!

A source revealed:

“Gwyneth is very happy for Chris, that he has moved on and found someone else. Their split has been remarkably amiable and they both just want the best for one another. [Gwyneth] can see why is a good match for Chris. Chris is very drawn to her personality, and ambition and talent. are actually amazing similarities between Jennifer and Gwyneth and how they view life and career, and so Gwyneth knows that ultimately Jennifer has the power to make Chris happy in the long term. And that’s all Gwyneth wants for Chris. They might not be a couple anymore, but they will always be co-parents and best friends.”

Can they write a book about how to have the simplest breakup ever?! This is so platonic!

Which is amazing, considering how ugly some Hollywood divorces get!

And we’re sure that Gwyneth’s new man is helping matters as well, but she and Chris have been cool as cucumbers this entire time!

Good for them!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]


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