Josh Groban Talks His New Album, His New TOUR And… Battles Nick Lachey??

Did you know that Josh Groban is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

he is, and guess what… he just dropped some amazing news while on Good Morning America

He’s got a new coming out April 28th, called Stages! We’re already sure it’s the best thing ever.

He also announced he’s going on !!

is going to travel this wonderful nation, hitting “some really great old theaters around the country.”

He even premiered the music video for his track What I Did For Love – which you can watch HERE.

Then, once all of his exciting news was out, Josh was roped into battling Nick Lachey!

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It was a musical battle of wits, it was random as hell and we though it was hilarious!

out the videos (below) to hear all of Josh’s amazing announcements and then watch him battle !!


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You Know How Iggy Azalea Has Taken A Break From Social Media… Well That Might Be Putting Her Concert Tour At Risk!

First things first, this isn’t great new.

As you may , Iggy Azalea has a very public boycott against her media platforms.

Not only did she quit Twitter last month, but just this past Friday she officially signed off of Instagram as well.

While this news in itself is upsetting, we regretfully have to report that the 24-year-old’s decision to stay out of the public eye may just end up canceling her upcoming stadium !

That’s because in addition to being elusive online, has reportedly also been shunning her management team and isn’t taking part in the series’ necessary promotional material.

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With that said, her 24-city tour is far from being canceled, but if she keeps shirking her responsibilities, she could hurt openers Tinashe and Nick Jonas in the process!

We hope whatever’s causing Iggy to wig out settles itself because we really wanna see her Great Escape Tour in a city near us!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]


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Shania Twain Announces Her New World Tour! …But It’s Her FAREWELL Tour??

Shania Twain is just about the biggest country-pop star there ever was EVER.

The sexy singer just went on Good Morning America to make a big announcement…

She’s kicking off a new ! After 11 years she’s finally hitting the road again!

But it’s bittersweet news because it’s her tour!

That’s right, this is ’s last tour ever: the “Rock This Country” tour!

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It all starts in June this year in Seattle and we’re so sad this is the last time she’ll be touring!

It’s really the end of an era.

Head over HERE to see a list of all Shania’s concert and venues!

out the video (below) to hear Shania talk about her upcoming tour and her new !!


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​Taylor Swift Announces Haim Will Be Joining Her On The 1989 Tour!

As if this couldn’t get any better… it just did!

Taylor Swift made a big announcement on her Instagram today, which will make Haim fans very happy!

The lady-band will be Swifty on her 1989 tour!!!

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The announcement was made with this pic (above), and a special message the country cutie, who said:


Someone is clearly excited! And we are too!!!

Sadly, everyone will probably not be performing in bikinis, but this is what it would like if they did (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]


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The Black Keys Cancel ALL Of Their European Tour Dates After The Drummer Injured His Shoulder!

Uh oh! We’ve got some bad news that’s about to make a lot of rock and roll fans in Europe turn blue!!

The have announced they will be canceling ALL of upcoming drummer Patrick Carney dislocated his !

The injury will keep the blues rock duo off the road until April where they’ll resume their tour in Australia and New Zealand!

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Unfortunately, the news gets worse as they will NOT be able to reschedule the dates they’re missing, meaning all of the fans who bought tickets in Europe will get a refund and a heartfelt “Sorry!”


Hopefully these next few months will be more than enough time for Patrick to fully recover so he can get back to doing what he does best!


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Check Out Grumpy Cat’s Fictional Tour Rider! Look At Her OUTRAGEOUS Demands — And Other Absurd Celebrity Tour Requirements!

Cat is quickly becoming one of the most famous cats in all the !

So of course as her stardom grows, so does her ego!!

You won’t believe half of the ridiculous things on her rider! (Probably because we made them all up! LOLz!) Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, is a true diva!

We got our hands on a single page Grumpy’s ridiculous 17-page tour rider and wow it’s intense! Some examples of non-negotiable items required backstage:

(1) Cave-Aged Catnip
(1) Case Filtered Water From A Local Toilet
(3) Blue Double-Decker Litter Boxes (ABSOLUTELY NO TEAL OR “SEAFOAM”)

And those are some of the more tame requests! Jeez! This kitty has to have it all or else she won’t perform.

Even getting all her ridiculous requests, we’re sure it’s done nothing to turn her frown upside down. But we guess that’s exactly what the people want anyway!

out the photo (above) to get a at Grumpy Cat’s rider! And….

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “The Most Ridiculous And Celeb Tour Demands!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “The Most Ridiculous And Absurd Celeb Tour Demands!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “The Most Ridiculous And Absurd Celeb Tour Demands!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “The Most Ridiculous And Absurd Celeb Tour Demands!”

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “The Most Ridiculous And Absurd Celeb Tour Demands!”


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