Rebel Wilson Flashes WAY More Than She Bargained For In The New Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer! Watch HERE!

HOLY SH*T! This is the best YET!

The world anxiously awaits May 15th when Perfect 2 will FINALLY grace theaters with it’s presence and we’re too excited for that day.

So to hold fans over until that day, a new trailer has made it’s way onto the interwebz and it’s got EVERYTHING in it!

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Rebel Wilson flying like a Wrecking Ball, Anna Kendrick talking some serious smack talk, Elizabeth Banks doing some hilarious commentating, and even a mention of President Barack Obama!

What are you waiting for? Ch-ch-check out the brand new trailer (above)!!!


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Rosie O’Donnell Gives Her Fans A More Personal Explanation As To Why She’s Leaving The View! Watch Her Heartfelt Video Message HERE!

Ever since Rosie O’Donnell announced she was once again leaving The View, people have been trying to figure out why.

Even though was open about her health concerns in red carpet interviews, wanted .

Why wouldn’t she talk about it on The itself??

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It may just be that her audience is used to the dialogue that the show provides, and they wanted a bit more of that for closure.

Though Rosie still refuses to discuss the elephant in the room on TV, she did accommodate her fans with a personal , giving a more in-depth of her exit.

the whole heartfelt message (below)!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]


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The Grammys End The Night With Major Talent! Watch Beyoncé’s Take My Hand, Precious Lord, Common & John Legend’s Glory From Selma HERE!

What a way to end the Grammys!

To start things off, Beyoncé, along with the Andrae Crouch choir and Blind Boys of Alabama, delivered a FLAWLESS of the gospel hit, Take My , Precious .

The powerful song was a favorite of Martin Luther King Jr. so it was an especially poignant tune for Bey to perform.

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Next up was dynamic duo John Legend and Common performing Glory Selma.

The was arguably the most powerful moment of the night — and Common’s vocals were simply incredible.

We’re glad the ceremony decided to end on a political AND moving note!

Our hats go off to B, John, and Common!


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Idina Menzel’s Rendition Of The National Anthem At The Super Bowl Is Anything But Frozen! Watch!!


Idina Menzel knows how to WERK her vocal chords, especially in front of large audiences!

So it comes as no surprise that she absolutely rocked her of the Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl.

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In fact, 43-year-old actress’ vocal skillz are SO extraordinary that we simply want to listen to her croon over and over again!

Which is why we preserved a of her performance for you to play on repeat (above)!


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Sia Pulls Off A Mind-Blowing Performance Of Elastic Heart On Ellen Before Making A HUGE Grammy-Related Announcement! Watch HERE!

Is it too early to call this the best live of the year? Because this is gonna be pretty tough to beat!

By this point we’ve all come to know and love Sia and Maddie Ziegler‘s epic live performances, so when we heard the two of them would be performing Elastic on , we just KNEW it was going to be good!

Sadly, our dreams of seeing Maddie on Shia LaBeouf in a live cage match didn’t come true!

[ Video: Sia Performs Elastic Heart & Chandelier on Saturday Night Live! ]

Instead, they went with a whole new approach that saw the 12-year-old joined by several other Sia clones as she works her way through yet another emotional interpretive dance!

And if that’s not enough to get you excited, wait until you hear Sia’s exciting Grammys after the song!

Ch-ch-check out the amazing performance (below)!


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Here’s Every Image From The New Game Of Thrones Teaser! Watch All The GIFs HERE!

Oh, this upcoming season is going to epic!

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Why the new Game of Thrones for its fifth season, when you can study the it?!

The teaser may be only 8-seconds long, but there are still a ton of images to decipher!

Warning: There be spoilers ahead!

Here’s #1:

In this one, it seems to be a White Walker waking up? That, or Cersei is getting her eyes checked at LensCrafters.

Now, let’s move on to the second image:

Peekaboo, Khaleesi! Perhaps Daenerys is checking on her favorite dragon?

Without further ado, here’s the third image:

This looks like the Great Sept of Baelor! Could this be where they’re keeping the body of Tywin Lannister?

Alright on to the next slide:

Well, it looks like either Melisandre playing with her voodoo House Baratheon Stag toy, or Shireen Stannis playing with an “action figure”!

On to the next one:

Looks like Ramsay is trying to cheer up Theon… uh, we mean, Reek!

The next image is beguiling:

Well, no used crying over spilled wine! Or… dare we say poison? Actually, from the look of it, the looks pretty fake so it’s either Buster from Arrested Development, or the one armed Jaime struggling to get a drink.

Next one:

Looks like the Moon Door to us! Who’s next to be pushed out of it?

Here’s another image:

Is that? Joffrey? What? Okay, while it does look like Joffrey, we’re about pretty sure it’s someone in the ’s Watch that looks an awful lot like Joffrey.

Could that big bush of hair belong to Jon Snow?

Next GIF:

Here’s Melisandre being totally Melisandre-y.

Next one:

Epic soldiers being epic! Woo!

Next image is…

Dragons! Awww heck yeah! We missed those guys!

Here’s the final image:

Is that Daenerys walking away? Melisandre? We guess we’ll have to wait and find out!


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