Woman Caught Masturbating During 50 Shades Of Grey & The Cops Give Her EXACTLY What She Wanted

We should all be so lucky when getting arrested. LOLz!

A woman in Sinaloa, western Mexico was enjoying Fifty Shades of Grey a little bit too much in the theater. While the film was playing, the 33-year-old was playing with herself in the 12th row.

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Then, instead of depriving her of any roughness, the decided to arrest her for masturbation, and cuff her, nearly completing the fantasy she was trying to live out anyway!

So, some might say law breaker had a happy ending!

The biggest mystery, of course, is how she was caught over the sound of everyone else — it was a showing of Fifty Shades, all! HA!


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Maya Rudolph Either Has A Long Lost Twin Or This Woman Looks Exactly Like Her!

Oh hey look, it’s the lady that played Beyoncé on SNL — wait, WHAT?!

We imagine that’s what a lot of people said when they saw this at the Mark & Estel fashion show last week — she totally resembles Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph!

If everyone didn’t know better, we probably would’ve assumed she has a or something!

[ Photos: Celebrity Lookalikes ]

Not only did ’s doppleganger fool the world, she totally fooled the photogs who saw her walk into the venue!

A passerby said when the woman walked by:

“Photographers were yelling ‘Maya,’ and she didn’t deny anything, but kept saying, ‘No photos.’”


Well, no wonder people were confused!

Unless… Maya hired her to go to the show because she was just too tired??

Okay, we may have taken it a little too far with that theory, but she totally her!

Besides we don’t blame any of the paps, she totally looks like the comedian, don’t you think so??


[Image via AP Images/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]


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Woman Dies After Accidentally Shooting Herself In The Head While Adjusting Her Bra Holster

is so terrible. Just so sad.

A 55-year-old , Christina Bond, died she shot in the head.

The St. Joseph, Michigan woman was apparently a handgun she had in her bra holster when the gun went off.

Mark Clapp, director of the St. Joseph Public Safety Department, said:

“[Christina Bond was] having trouble adjusting her bra holster, couldn’t get it to fit the way she it to. She was looking at it and accidentally discharged the weapon.”

When officers responded to her home, they her with a gunshot wound to the eye. She was taken to the hospital where she passed away.

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So sad!!

Check out the video (below) to get a good look at an actual bra holster.


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The Creature One British Woman Found In Her Tuna Can Will Make You Want To Never Eat Seafood Again…

Well, we’re eating again…

A mom from England was casually preparing a meal for her son back in January when she noticed a small looking back at her from the can.

Zoe Butler shared the above pic on Twitter to learn more about the little guy, but it wasn’t until late last week that ‘Eric’ was finally identified.

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Apparently, Eric is a type of baby crab called a Megalopa; which, thankfully, won’t harm your food, but would haunt your dreams.

Now, he may look kind of cute in that picture… but if you’re prepared to lose your appetite, feel free to click below to see him in his most terrifying state.

We can’t.


Princes, the company behind the nautical mix-up, hasn’t offered Zoe any sort of compensation yet, but she says she’s just happy won’t happen to another young mum anytime soon!

[Image via Zoe Butler/Twitter.]


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Woman Divorces Husband After He Refused To Send Their Newborn Son With Down Syndrome To An Orphanage

is one amazing dad.

Samuel Forrest recently experienced one of the greatest pleasures when he witnessed the birth of his son Leo in a hospital in Armenia.

However, the son was immediately diagnosed with Down and it turned out that his wife and her family were NOT going to keep the child and instead were almost immediately going to place him in an . They made the decision while Samuel was waiting outside of the room to see his son for the first time.

But when Samuel finally held his son, he knew he couldn’t do what his wife . So she gave him an ultimatum.


Here’s how Samuel explained it:

“This pediatrician walks out of the room with a little bundle — that was Leo. She had his face covered up and hospital authorities wouldn’t let me see him or my wife. When the doctor came out, he said ‘there’s a real problem with your son…’ When I walked into the room they all turned to me and said ‘Leo has Down syndrome.’ I had a few moments of shock. They took me in to see him and I looked at this guy and I said, he’s beautiful — he’s perfect and I’m absolutely keeping him.”

But when he brought Leo to his wife’s room, she immediately gave Samuel an ultimatum. Here’s how he explained it:

“I got the ultimatum right then. She told me if I kept him then we would get a divorce.”

The child’s mother Ruzan Badalyan has since confirmed she did have a son with Down Syndrome and the child is now with his father, but that was all she would elaborate on!

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And Samuel Forrest, who originally is from Auckland, New Zealand was shocked at the way the hospital in Armenia handled the whole situation. He said:

“What happens when a baby this is born here, they will tell you that you don’t have to keep them. My wife had already decided, so all of this was done behind my back.”

And when the father kept his son, a week later his then-wife filed for divorce. Which is not what this father wanted! He said:

“It’s not what I want. I didn’t even have a chance to speak with her in privately about it.”

Without any support, Sam turned to GoFundMe to try and raise some funds that will allow him to have a part time job but also still help raise his son. And he also wants to erase the stigma that the words Down Syndrome has seemingly around the world.

He said:

“This really came out of the blue for me. I don’t have a lot, I have very little in fact. The goal is to raise enough for a year so I can get a part-time job so Leo doesn’t have to be in daycare and I can help care for him. He’s a lot in two weeks. It’d be different if he had his mommy. what I’ve been through with Leo, I’m not going to sit back and watch babies be sent to orphanages. As a child with Down syndrome, that becomes somewhat of a label. If we can get around this label, we’ll see that they’re normal. They’re a little different from us, but they’re still normal. They all have niches and I want to work hard to find out where Leo’s special. This little guy is great.”

We guess the little guy got it from his father who is one inspiring man!

His GoFundMe page, which originally asked for about ,000 has already hit 1,373 and it’s still going!

Sounds like there will be a happy ending after all for this two member family!

[Image via ABC News/Samuel Forrest.]


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Gigi Hadid Edition!

We just cannot get enough of hot model Gigi Hadid!

From her eye popping ads for Guess to her appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her mom Yolanda Foster, the 19-year-old is everywhere we turn!

That’s why she’s our nominee for week’s of !

And although she’s dating Cody Simpson, you can look all you

At these very sexy Gifs of her!

Ready to stare?!

If so…

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Woman Crush Wednesday!”

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Woman Crush Wednesday!”

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Woman Crush Wednesday!”

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Woman Crush Wednesday!”

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Woman Crush Wednesday!”


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